BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1 - Graduate fails exam!

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby Snarfyguy » 21 Mar 2012, 00:37

Jimbo wrote:Look, all I know is pretty much what I get from Robert Parry over at Consortium News.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby Count Machuki » 21 Mar 2012, 02:51

Let U be the set of all united sets, K be the set of the kids and D be the set of things divided.
Then it follows that ∀ k ∈ K: K ∈ U ⇒ k ∉ D

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby toomanyhatz » 21 Mar 2012, 03:19

Less BS on A (and no fucking Skids).
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby sloopjohnc » 21 Mar 2012, 03:53

Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk!

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby mentalist (slight return) » 21 Mar 2012, 04:36

king of the divan

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby bobzilla77 » 21 Mar 2012, 04:37

the masked man wrote:List A

Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes- Wake Up Everybody link
The Meters- Cissy Strut link :mrgreen:
The Dramatics- In the Rain link :D
The Doublehappys- Needles and Plastic link
The Saints- Know Your Product link :mrgreen:
Gregory Isaacs- If I Don't Have You link
Fela Kuti- Sorrow, Tears and Blood link :mrgreen:
Bomb the Bass- Bug Powder Dust link
Digital Underground- Doowutchyalike link :P
Howlin' Wolf- Killing Floor link :D
Nilsson- Jump into the Firelink :mrgreen:
Azelia Banks- 212 link (possibly NSFW)
The Mekons- Where Were You? link
The Specials- Blank Expression link :D
Dillard & Clark- Why Not Your Baby link
Talk Talk- I Believe in You link
The Delfonics- Ready or Not link
Niney the Observer- Blood and Fire link
The Cramps- Human Fly link :mrgreen:
Dr John- I Walk On Gilded Splinters link :D
Son of Bazerk- Change the Style link
Bob Marley & the Wailers- Small Axe link :mrgreen:
The Chi-Lites- Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So) link
The Left Banke- She May Call You Up Tonight link
Fetus Productions- 'What's Going On?' link
War- Me and My Baby Brother link :mrgreen:
Spaceman 3- Walkin' With Jesus link
Janelle Monáe- Tightrope link
Holy Fuck- Red Lights link
Horace Andy- Skylarking link
Al Green- You Ought To Be With Me link
Ghostface Killah- Shakey Dog link
Snapper- Buddy link
Augustus Pablo/King Tubby- Keep On Dubbing link :mrgreen:
Fairport Convention- Fotheringay link

Link B

Clean Up Woman - Betty Wright link
I Don't Know Why I Love You - House of Love link
Chase the Devil - Max Romeo and the Upsetters link
Please Let Me Wonder - The Beach Boys link :mrgreen:
Girl Don't Come - Sandie Shaw link
Animation - The Skids link
Nightporter - Japan link
Groovin with Mr Bloe - Mr Bloe link
Cattle and Cane - The Go-Betweens link
Promised Land - Chuck Berry link :D
Domino - The Cramps link
Call Me (Come Back Home) - Al Green link
Go Back - Crabby Appleton link
Louise - Paul Siebel link
Maps - Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs link
Hit and Miss - The John Barry Seven plus Four link
I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones link :)
The Ballad of Cable Hogue - Calexico link
Desiree - The Left Banke link
Crash - The Primitives link
River of Salt - Ketty Lester link
All Of The Ants Left Paris - Tarwater - link
Lady Friend - The Byrds link
Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr link :D
Nutbush City Limits - Ike and Tina Turner link :D
Until You Come Back To Me - Aretha Franklin link :)
Temple of Love - Sisters of Mercy (with Ofra Haza) link
My World Fell Down - Sagittarius link
Albuquerque - Neil Young link :mrgreen:
25 o'clock - Dukes of Stratosphear link :mrgreen:
I'm Going To Tear Your Playhouse Down - Ann Peebles link
Memo From Turner - Mick Jagger link :mrgreen:
In Between Days - The Cure link
Girlie, Girlie - Sophia George link
Hurt - Johnny Cash link

By the numbers I have to go with A.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby fange » 21 Mar 2012, 04:59

I like parts of B quite a lot, but overall it's A.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby Lawrence Of Euphoria » 21 Mar 2012, 06:50


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby Loki » 21 Mar 2012, 08:27

Very close. I have A slightly ahead coming into this round, but B noses out with its new 5. I really hate to vote against some great cuts on A, dang it.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby The Write Profile » 21 Mar 2012, 09:17

I like both lists a lot, but A is the one.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby never/ever » 21 Mar 2012, 09:33

A remains my fave list.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby bhoywonder » 21 Mar 2012, 09:38


Inspired choice of Tarwater track, btw. I thought I was the only person who loved that. 8-)

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby Lemon Yoghourt » 21 Mar 2012, 09:44

A edges a close contest.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby whodathunkit » 21 Mar 2012, 09:52


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby Jeemo » 21 Mar 2012, 10:27

Image So Long Kid, Take A Bow.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby Spec » 21 Mar 2012, 11:37

as you'd expect with so many songs there are great highs and crushing lows in both lists. But A just pips it for me.


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby moonie » 21 Mar 2012, 11:52


I cannot vote for a list with SOM on it...and I really liked the Dinosaur Jr. pick, too.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby The Fish » 21 Mar 2012, 13:37

I did say B was my second favourite left last round after the list it was drawn against. so I'm sticking with that

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby Jock » 21 Mar 2012, 13:54

That wasn't easy. B
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - SF, match 1

Postby gash’s trollish obsession » 21 Mar 2012, 14:04

A just about, I mean Crash?
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