BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1 - Slagged King!

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BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1 - Slagged King!

Postby the masked man » 16 Mar 2012, 20:02

List A

Small Faces - "Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake" link
Rodger Collins - "She's Looking Good" link
Yachts - "Yachting Type" link
Funkadelic - "I'll Stay" link
Quilt - "Cowboys In the Void" link
Dillinger - "Cocaine In My Brain" link
The Chambers Brothers - "Time Has Come Today" link
Real Estate - "Out of Tune" link
Jacobites - "Someone Who Cares" link
Rolling Stones - "Child of the Moon" link
The Reigning Sound – “We Repel Each Other” link
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – “Person to Person” link
The Soul Children – “The Sweeter He Is (Pts. 1 and 2) link
Roxy Music – “Out of the Blue” link
Camera Obscura – “The Sweetest Thing” link
LCD Soundsystem - "Dance Yrself Clean" link
The Saints - "(I'm) Stranded" link
Betty Harris - "Mean Man" link
Velvet Underground - "I Found a Reason" link
Brenton Woods - "Oogum Boogum" link
Gal Costa - "Tuareg" link
T. Rex - "Hot Love" link
Toots and the Maytals - "54-46 (That's My Number)" link
Grimes - "Oblivion" link
James Brown - "Licking Stick, Licking Stick" link
Major Lazer - "Hold the Line" link
The Misunderstood - "Children of the Sun" link
Tom Tom Club - "Genius of Love" link
Rosco Gordon - "Let's Get High" link
Elton John - "Bennie and the Jets" link

List B

Just A Little Lovin', Dusty Springfield here
Spellbound, Siouxsie and the Banshees here
Up With People (Zero 7 Remix), Lambchop here
Beauty Of The Ride, Sebadoh here
I'm Rowed Out, The Eyes here
Fascinating Rhythm, Bass-O-Matic here
Evidence, Candi Staton here
Zero, Yeah Yeah Yeahs here
Save It For Later, The Beat here
The Loner, Neil Young here
Ramblin' Man, Lemon Jelly here
Felicity, Orange Juice here
Steve Biko (Stir It Up), A Tribe Called Quest here
Lady Orange Peel, The Attack here
Girls Talk, Dave Edmunds here
Mother Of Pearl, Roxy Music here
Freakin' Out, Graham Coxon here
Think (About It), Lyn Collins here
Destroy Everything You Touch, Ladytron here
Rainbow Chaser, Nirvana here
Black Sheep Boy, Tim Hardin here
Rock On, David Essex here
L.E.S. Artistes, Santogold here
Leaving Here, The Birds here
Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin), Scritti Politti here
Observatory Crest, Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band here
It's All Up To You, The Dells here
The Operation, Charlotte Gainsbourg here
The Mercy Seat, Ultra Vivid Scene here
State Of Independence, Donna Summer here

Bungo the Mungo

Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 16 Mar 2012, 20:13

A, just. Very hit-and-miss lists, for this stage.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Snarfyguy » 16 Mar 2012, 20:18

GoogaMooga wrote: The further away from home you go, the greater the risk of getting stuck there.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Walk In My Shadow » 16 Mar 2012, 20:50



The Modernist

Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby The Modernist » 16 Mar 2012, 20:57

Very close, but I prefer B's five. Elton John and Major Lazer are votelosers for me although there is very good stuff elsewhere.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby toomanyhatz » 16 Mar 2012, 21:16

TopCat G wrote:Elton John...vote loser...

Silly man. It makes a good list even better. LCD Soundstystem and the rather obvious Saints pick are the closest it comes to losing me, but there's so much good stuff on it. Including the best Stones B-side ever. And they've had quite a few good ones...

Edit: sorry, meant to say A!
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby whodathunkit » 16 Mar 2012, 21:41

A certainly has it's attractions - Toots, the Misunderstood and the seventh best Stones B-side. But not enough of them for this stage.

B is the list they call "Behemoth", right? I can see why. Riddled with quality.


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Thesiger » 16 Mar 2012, 21:49

Much as I love my Elton, wouldn't pick Bennie and the Jets.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby GoogaMooga » 16 Mar 2012, 21:50

A for the lost soul queen, Betty Harris!
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Magilla » 16 Mar 2012, 22:37

"U2 routinely spent a year in the studio...I have a theory: if you put four monkeys in the studio for a year with Lanois and Eno and Lillywhite, they would make a pretty good record, too."

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Polishgirl » 16 Mar 2012, 22:38

echolalia wrote: I despise Prefab Sprout. It will be decades before “hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque” is surpassed as the most terrible lyric in pop history. That fucking bastard ruined all three things for me forever.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby johnnydefault » 16 Mar 2012, 23:14


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Jeemo » 16 Mar 2012, 23:19

Bennie and The Jets, fuck off, one of the worst songs ever.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Lawrence Of Euphoria » 16 Mar 2012, 23:23


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby T. Willy Rye » 17 Mar 2012, 00:28

Two great lists.Behemoth is just a little stronger.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Davey the Fat Boy » 17 Mar 2012, 01:25

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby SlangKing » 17 Mar 2012, 02:00

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Jeff K » 17 Mar 2012, 02:17


Both lists have stuff I like and stuff I don't care for. A's just a little more to my liking.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby Matty Red Sox » 17 Mar 2012, 04:19

the Eagles suck.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 5, Match 1

Postby The Fish » 17 Mar 2012, 07:33

I have no particular hatred for Bennie & The Jets, but no geat love either, but I can't help but think the lists should be showing me more than this at this, the business end of things. Dusty and Tim Hardin are the standouts for me and I even quite like when B goes mainstream (David Essex and Donna Summer)

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