BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1 - Euphoria dampened

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Beno » 11 Mar 2012, 23:06

The additional 5 make the difference, and it ends up being a big gap.


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Magilla » 11 Mar 2012, 23:13

"U2 routinely spent a year in the studio...I have a theory: if you put four monkeys in the studio for a year with Lanois and Eno and Lillywhite, they would make a pretty good record, too."

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Tapiocahead » 11 Mar 2012, 23:18

Fishstick selling fuck

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby toomanyhatz » 12 Mar 2012, 00:00

A is one of the best lists left.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby fange » 12 Mar 2012, 00:18

Some fine tracks on A, but B is just a bit stronger for me.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Copehead » 12 Mar 2012, 00:25

]List A

Aztec Camera - Somewhere In My Heart link :)
Gram Parsons - A Song For You link
The Kinks - Mindless Child Of Motherhood link
Karen Dalton - Something On Your Mind link
The Who - I'm A Boy link :)
David McWilliams - The Days Of Pearly Spencer link
Daniel Johnston - The Story Of An Artist link
The Incredible String Band - The Hedgehog's Song link
Thane Russal - Drop Everything And Run link
The Jam - Something's Gone link
Gladys Knight And The Pips - If You Ever Get Your Hands On Love link
Doris Day - Move Over Darling link :)
The Lovin' Spoonful - Darling Be Home Soon link
Lee Hazlewood - I Am A Part
The 23rd Turnoff - Michael Angelo link
King Missile - Jesus Was Way Cool link
William Bell - I Forgot To Be Your Lover link
Odyssey - If You're Looking For A Way Out link
Smog - Dress Sexy At My Funeral link
The Inspirations - Touch Me Hold Me Kiss Me link
Go Music Go - Light Of Love link
Tom Jones - Weeping Annaleah link :) That's this one out
Trembling Bells - Willows Of Carbeth link
Lou Christie - Chuckie Wagon link
Elton Motello - Jet Boy Jet Girl link

List B

Clean Up Woman - Betty Wright link
I Don't Know Why I Love You - House of Love link :)
Chase the Devil - Max Romeo and the Upsetters link
Please Let Me Wonder - The Beach Boys link :x
Girl Don't Come - Sandie Shaw link
Animation - The Skids link
Nightporter - Japan link
Groovin with Mr Bloe - Mr Bloe link
Cattle and Cane - The Go-Betweens link
Promised Land - Chuck Berry link
Domino - The Cramps link
Call Me (Come Back Home) - Al Green link
Go Back - Crabby Appleton link
Louise - Paul Siebel link
Maps - Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs link
Hit and Miss - The John Barry Seven plus Four link
I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones link :)
The Ballad of Cable Hogue - Calexico link
Desiree - The Left Banke link
Crash - The Primitives link :D
River of Salt - Ketty Lester link
All Of The Ants Left Paris - Tarwater - link
Lady Friend - The Byrds link
Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr link :D
Nutbush City Limits - Ike and Tina Turner link :)


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby mentalist (slight return) » 12 Mar 2012, 02:50

I was just listening to Lady Friend (the song that is) last night, so, yes, that followed by Freak Scene will do it. As for Nutbush, that is only appropriate for drunken dances at the end of cheesy parties. A is marvelously idiosyncratic mind but I'm taking the comfortable couch option today.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Matty Red Sox » 12 Mar 2012, 03:19

the Eagles suck.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Still Baron » 12 Mar 2012, 04:15

"Jesus Was Way Cool?" Bizarro Cup material. A falls apart.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby whodathunkit » 12 Mar 2012, 08:08

I enjoyed A's wacky new 5. Very amusing. An easy one for B. Good timing of the "Lady Friend" card.


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby mantochanga » 12 Mar 2012, 09:54

B - both quite uneven lists with really good things on.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby John Mc » 12 Mar 2012, 10:54

There's not a great deal between them for me; the new additions don't sway me too much, although I like the Tarwater track.

On balance, there's still a little more I like in A
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Belle Lettre » 12 Mar 2012, 12:10

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Snarfyguy » 12 Mar 2012, 14:02


Fantastic Lou Christie choice. Respeck!
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby The Fish » 12 Mar 2012, 14:21

Cast Iron Baron wrote:"Jesus Was Way Cool?" Bizarro Cup material.

I'm indebted to Michael for bringing this particular stinker to my attention. I get to play a fair few of the links but this one slipped through the net. I don't condone voting against a list on tne basis of one song, but thankfully A has helped me out with the new 5, although in fairness the Trembling Bells is good and the Go Music Go is a likeable enough piece of pop froth. Elton Motello though is just lame and I actually couldn't keep a straight face listening to the Lou Christie. Some quality in there though (Karen Dalton, Lovin' Spoonful) but this one's clearly

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Oliver James » 12 Mar 2012, 14:33

Yikes. I probably would have picked A before the new five.
Trembling Bells was alright in A. Can't say much for the others.
B has a pretty good new five and I think it just overtook A.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Samoan » 12 Mar 2012, 15:32

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Johnny Fartpants » 12 Mar 2012, 15:39


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby Lawrence Of Euphoria » 12 Mar 2012, 15:59


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 4, Match 1

Postby der nister » 12 Mar 2012, 16:30

It's kinda depressing for a music forum to be proud of not knowing musicians.