BCB Cup 2012 - Round 3, Match 5 - Battered Fish

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - Round 3, Match 5 - Battered Fish

Postby The Fish » 07 Mar 2012, 10:00


Still not sure how this ended up as quite such an arse kicking. This was 15-15 at one point !! It's as if the cloth eared twats annual coach outing all turned up at once. In fairness A was one of the better lists this round

Thanks to Yves, Felix, Martha and Joe for the comments.

So how exactly did this from the previous round..........
Buddha B-Rex wrote: A is nice and meaty.


Cast Iron Baron wrote:A has the best Zombies track, Barbara Lynn AND motherfucking Charlie Feathers. What more could anyone possibly want!?


Shuggie Otis – Sparkle City link
Those Dancing Days – Hitten link
Judy Clay & William Bell – Private Number link
Them – Richard Cory link
David & Jonathan – Lovers Of The World Unite link

equal this.............

Buddha B-Rex wrote: B has Beefheart, Shuggie, Funkadelic, and Them, but it's not enough for me, as most of the list makes my eyes roll back in my head.


Cast Iron Baron wrote:The rather rote "Private Number" gives the slip to B.


ET TU BARONE :x :evil: :twisted:
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