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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby Balboa » 18 Mar 2011, 23:15

Hard choice - loads I like on both.

Of course, I was mostly stoned at the time.

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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby Matty Red Sox » 18 Mar 2011, 23:58


But I liked my list better.
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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby Zilth Pilchards » 18 Mar 2011, 23:59

I've listened to the lot to try and do them both justice,even the ones I don't know.

B is the one I should theoretically vote for if I was just looking at this on paper.It presses all the right buttons with that mix of artists and there are only a couple that I'm indifferent to.There are some fantastic in the siked-up beat rock mould,and the unfamiliar one I should mention was The Attack's "Colour Of My Mind" which was GREAT !! Many personal faves too : Harpers Bizarre "Witchi Tai To",The Groop's "A Famous Myth",Minnie Ripperton "Les Fleurs".

There was also the big hitters Creedence,Stones,The Happy Mondays,Dillard & Clark,all of it comes across as quality music,notwithstanding The Clash,but not important.

A is a the one that is a bit heavy on the electronica,sexy euro-disco beats wavy synths of krautrock,if not that then slipping into "ambient" territory.That seems to be the main influence that seeps into most of the tracks,even down to the ABBA selection.There's a lot of staple fayre well into the first half.It's also a daring list though for the inclusion of some of the tracks being semi-classical with the piano and deep space Ligeti requiem piece and for the outlandish Laibach which is a curious winner.It's all a bit thought provoking, pushing away at the boundaries of music,possibly a considered tactic.That direction worked this time so...


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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby The Write Profile » 19 Mar 2011, 02:35

Nothing between the two, both good lists, but A seems more exciting somehow, their last 10 takes on more twists and turns and is a bit harder edged. I would be happy with either winning though, what an unlikely final!
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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby Bad Ambassador » 19 Mar 2011, 07:58

A but two great lists.

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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby king feeb » 19 Mar 2011, 08:28

These are the two most interesting lists we've ever had in a final. Well done to both of you.

I found it really hard to decide. A has more personal favorites (like Fennesz and Can's "Oh Yeah") but also a few clunkers while B seems more consistent, but doesn't really have as many high points for me.

Well, I have to go for A. But great job, both of you.
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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby BlueMeanie » 19 Mar 2011, 08:32

A very difficult choice between two rich and diverse lists. Whilst both have a number of songs that I actively dislike - A's Moroder, Kraftwerk, Public Enemy and Abba, and B's Stones, Jackson 5, Silvinha and Dillard & Clark - A's new picks deserve a medal for bravery. And then they spoil it with Corona! It's a tough decision, so I've whittled it down to the songs that I really, really like from each list and the score is 21-13. In the end an overwhelming victory for:

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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby Butch Manly » 19 Mar 2011, 09:36

Like all lists that have a bit of individuality, these two have truckloads that is either fab or intriguing and imaginative - or both - and some stuff that is just crap to my ears. And that is how it should be. Shame on anyone who has vetoed a list just because they didn't like a certain band or song. What a moron you are. What an enemy of variety. What a prick.

I do like that A has the balls to pick the truly fabulous Power of Love (how great does that sound at an all-night house-fest?) and Corona, and that Italo-disco tune really is spiffing. Of the stuff I didn't know, much of it is good to great and some of it I didn't care for. Overall, though, I like A's aesthetic. B's list is a Mojo hipster one with less of a guilty pleasure feel about it. It is a list which sits at a bar on a stool, one leg on the floor, sipping a Whisky Sour and wreathed in the smoke of a Disque Bleu whilst holding forth on Marianne Faithfull and Colin MacInnes. However, and in spite of the fact that it contains a truly tedious Pink Floyd b-side (I mean, I ask you. It's not even a Syd song), it has slightly more for me to enjoy than A. As I type that I find myself thinking, "but Griff, that's not true, you really like A more!" and then I change my mind and think the same of B and so I carry on, chasing my tail and tying myself in knots because, really, both lists are just about as good as anyone who isn't the actual compiler could hope for in a BCB Cup final so hearty congratulations to both of you. It is B, though, by the tiniest of margins (and I have arrived at this decision whilst being mindful not to let any vehement disagreements over the merits of Toto's Africa colour my views in any way).

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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby Penk! » 19 Mar 2011, 11:30

I've supported both these lists right through the tournament and am delighted that both have made the final, so I think this deserves a serious run-through. That's why it's taken me two days to get my vote in.

List A

The Who - I can see for miles link - *** Yeah, top song.
The Chamber Bros - Time has Come Today link - * Pretty good for the first minute but then they seem to get lost. Decent though.
Stereolab - French Disko link - *** Familiar pick of course but still great.
13th Floor Elevators - Slip inside this house link - ** Not really a fan but this is one of their best efforts.
Harmonia - Deluxe (Immer Weider) link - *** Another fine choice.
Japan - Ghosts link - ** Like it.
David Axelrod - Human Abstract link - *** His finest moment, I've often considered putting this on my own list.
James Brown - The Big Payback link - ** Not really a fan but I do like this one.
Mr Flagio - Take a Chance link - ** Fun stuff, I can never entirely fall for this kind of thing but I do enjoy it.
Steely Dan - Aja link - The first clunker. Just say no to the Dan.
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - The Power of Love Link - * On the one hand it's nice to see people daring to put this kind of BCB-unfriendly pop in their list; on the other hand I don't really like it myself.
Rotary Connection - I am the Black Gold of the Sun Link - *** Familiar cup pick by now, but still great.
Can - Oh Yeah Link - ** Not one of my favourite Can things but good nonetheless.
Jimi Hendrix - 1983 (A Merman I should Turn to Be) Link - *** I've never been a big Hendrix fan but this is one of my favourites of his.
Isolee - Beau Mot Plage Link - ** I like Isolée and I should get excited about a modernish electronic pick but I've never actually been massively keen on this particular track. Good though.
Giorgio Moroder - The Chase Link - *** Do really like this one.
Robert Wyatt - Sea Song Link - * Pretty good, I appreciate Wyatt's stuff but I've never really got into it.
Kraftwerk - Neon Lights Link - *** Yeah, course.
Public Enemy - Cold Lampin' with Flavour Link - ** Fun.
Laibach - Life is Life Link - ** One of those "rubbish but fun" things.
Isaac Hayes - I can't turn around - link - * Decent, enjoyable, never really got the massive love for Hayes though.
Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia - link - *** Great.
David Bowie - Warszawa link - *** Great.
Pretty Things - Defecting Grey - link - * Big Pretties fan but for some reason never been so keen on this track.
Panda Bear - Bros - link - ** Never really fell for the Panda Bear record but I did like it.
Pharaoh Sanders - Astral Travelling link - *** Really like this one, one of my favourite discoveries of the cup.
ABBA - The Visitors link - * I appreciate ABBA's talent etc but have never really liked them all that much.
Miles Davis - Dark Magus link - ** Again, one I appreciate more than enjoy... but there are some cool sounds in there.
Benny Goodman - Sing Sing Sing link - Never really been into this kind of thing.
Steve Reich - Six Pianos link - *** Good one.
Ennio Morricone - Man with a Harmonica link - *** And again, good pick.
The Preachers - Who Do You Love? link - * OK, one of those things that gets by on attitude rather than by actually being any cop.
Tantra - Hills of Katmandu link - ** Like Mr Flagio, I quite enjoy it but guess I'm just too uptight to really let go.
Holger Czukay - Persian Love link - Thought this one was a bit rubbish all told.
Ministry - Jesus Built My Hot Rod link - * Can't really imagine myself ever listening to this again, but it's kind of fun.
Fennesz - Caecilia - link - *** Of course.
Gyorgy Ligeti - Lux Aeterna - link - *** I like what Ligeti I know but didn't know this was him too. Wonderful piece anyway.
Klaus Doldinger - Heimkehr (Das Boot OST) link - * This was OK, seemed pretty standard incidental music to me though. Maybe if I heard it in a standalone context I might appreciate it more, but...
Iannis Xenakis - Metastasis - link - * Interesting without making a huge impression, something I'd probably need a bit more time with. But we only have 48 hours to vote!
Corona - Rhythm of the Night - link - * Another fun pick, something I'll enjoy if I hear, but won't go out of my way to listen to.

List B

I Don't Like You - Bo Diddley link - * Can't find a Youtube link that works; I'll just assume it sounds the same as every other Bo Diddley song, which are fun enough I guess.
Unhooked Generation -Freda Payne link - ** Hadn't heard this one before, liked it.
Bust Out - The Busters link - * Like Bo Diddley, a little of this goes a long way, but enjoyable nonetheless.
Hate & War - The Clash link - ** Good stuff, not my favourite of theirs but still like it.
Magic Potion - The Open Mind link - ** This has come up on two or three lists, it's a good track but there are other Nuggets II things I like more.
French Disko-Stereolab link - *** Well I could hardly give it three on one list and not the other...
Stepping Razor -Peter Tosh link - *** This is really cool, another great discovery for me.
Cello Song - Nick Drake link - *** Good choice, lovely song.
Up - AR Kane link - * Pleasant enough. Might have liked it more had I heard it five years ago when I was more into this kind of thing.
The River Song - Dennis Wilsonlink - Don't like it.
Les Fleurs - Minnie Ripperton link - ** Good stuff.
I Ain't No Miracle Worker - The Brogues link - ** Interesting non-obvious Nuggets choice but again, not one of my favourites on the set.
Paint Box - Pink Floyd link - ** Again, like it rather than love it.
Black Coffee - All Saints link - Never really got the "All Saints as great modern pop" argument. It's listenable but I don't hear anything special there.
Shape Your Mind To Die - Leon Thomas link - *** Another cool new discovery for me, nice groove with a good, weird arrangement.
A Famous Myth - The Groop link - *** Another good one, great song.
Woman of the Ghetto - Marlena Shaw link - *** Three in a row. Although I think I actually first heard this song on a BCB Cup list... from the same poster.
Trouble Man - Marvin Gaye link - *** On a roll now.
New Star in the Sky -Air link - * Pleasant but a bit dull and goes on for ages.
Colour of my Mind - The Attack link - ** Good song.
Since K Got Over Me - The Clientele link - ** Good song, always found these guys a bit too polite and careful but they're very good songwriters etc.
Born On The Bayou - Creedence Clearwater Revival link - * Not a big fan but enjoyable now and again, not my favourite of theirs but a decent track.
Who Is He and What Is He To You - Creative Source link - *** Nice.
Expansions - Lonnie Liston Smith link - *** And again, top stuff.
Lazyitis -The Happy Mondays link - *** Never been really into the Mondays but they had some great songs and this is one of them.
Witchi Tai To - Harpers Bizarre link - * OK, didn't blow me away or anything.
Day Dreaming - Aretha Franklin link - ** Like it.
Going Back To My Roots - Richie Havens link - *** Another top pick.
Monkey Man - The Rolling Stones link - ** Find the Stones very hit-and-miss, this is more the former though.
Yashar (John Robie mix) - Cabaret Voltaire link - Like some Cabaret Voltaire stuff, not really this one though.
Moanin' -Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers link - *** Fine choice. Seen a lot of jazz this year in the cup, interestingly.
Love Me Sweet - Kid Loco link - ** I like that Kid Loco album, though this isn't my favourite track on there.
Right On For The Darkness- Curtis Mayfield link - ** Can't get excited about Curtis in the cup as he seems to be on every single list, this is at least a less obvious pick though and is still great.
Horrorshow - The Scars link - ** I've been meaning to give this band a listen for ages now; I liked this but wasn't entirely sure about the vocals...
Hum Along and Dance - The Jackson Five link - ** Yeah, good track.
The Secret Life of Arabia -David Bowie link - *** Yes, of course.
Risque - Silvinha link - Didn't like this one much, found the vocal annoying,
Radio Song - Dillard & Clark link - * I love some Gene Clark and this one's pleasant with a good arrangement, but it's a very generic melody that I can't really get excited by.
In The Ghetto -Elvis Presley link - ** Never really been into Elvis but I do like this one.
Harlem River Drive - Bobbi Humphrey link - ** Another good one.

Total for A: 78
Total for B: 78


I guess I'll have to abstain then. It only seems fair as I just can't choose between the lists and as I said, I'm happy for either to win. I think we've seen a move towards more idiosyncratic lists this year as people try to avoid things that look too familiar and so it's good to see that it's been successful, even if the cup does seem to have been going on for ages. Good luck to both finalists, both would be worthy winners.
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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby The Modernist » 19 Mar 2011, 11:44

Penk Ahoy! wrote:
I Don't Like You - Bo Diddley link - * Can't find a Youtube link that works; I'll just assume it sounds the same as every other Bo Diddley song, which are fun enough I guess.

Actually it doesn't sound like a typical Diddley track. Much funkier than you might expect and he sings opera on it! It's pretty unique all told, it's a shame there's no current working link.

Great reviews Ed, I enjoyed reading that.

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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby Still Baron » 19 Mar 2011, 14:43

Well done, A. But when it comes down to it, I gotta go with B.

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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby The Fish » 19 Mar 2011, 14:52

Well I'm happy to commend A for sticking to his taste, although for the most part it isn't my taste. Some good stuff there though (in amongst the meh) and the one track in either list that made me think wow inspired choice was the Benny Goodman.

Anyway B ain't perfect but still more to my taste

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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby Neige » 19 Mar 2011, 16:18

We end of with elitist lists, which is a shame, but I'll say


if only because A's gotta be joking with his last 5 (not to mention the other real horrors amid his dozen inspired choices...)

(A's obviously Bleep with all the Eurodisco, 90's electro and house tracks, )
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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby LMG » 19 Mar 2011, 17:32

Well, I have barely voted throughout the competiiton, but I have taken my responsibilities here seriously in the final.

On balance, I feel the final comes down to A's fascinating championing of texture vs B's heralding of the simple pleasures of song.

Although I have delved deep into each list, the answer comes as soon as one considers the David Bowie tracks. Could I do without 'Secret Life of Arabia' in life?

No, just as I could not do without 'Rebel, Rebel', 'Heroes', 'Station To Station', etc in the grand scheme of things. Songs, you see. But could I do without 'Warzsawa'? Which one is that? Oh, the descending piano riff piece - ok. Where does it go after that, remind me? Texture.

But A might remonstrate 'without 'Warszawa', there would never have been xxxxx, yyyyyyy, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'.

True, perhaps. But this is pop music, and here we do not debate the influence of Aristotle on the Renaissance, John Locke on the American Question in 1776, the Dreyfus Case on the Vichy Regime. We sing. Sing songs.

And while B has some wonderful songs, A is a bit bereft in parts. So I am compelled to vote for the more song-laden list, despite an admiration for A.

Then I counted the votes and realised my vote will not count for diddly, so A it is.
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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby der nister » 19 Mar 2011, 17:53

It's kinda depressing for a music forum to be proud of not knowing musicians.

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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby Jeemo » 19 Mar 2011, 19:03

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The Modernist

Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby The Modernist » 19 Mar 2011, 19:06

Jeemo wrote:a


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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final

Postby the masked man » 19 Mar 2011, 19:19

Well, we're now at the end of the contest, and the final is over. Counting the votes, I see that A has 30 votes and B has 38 votes. As you've probably worked out by now, A was Bleep and B was The Modernist, so it's a first BCB Cup triumph for Moddie. Congrats!

Also, spare a thought for Bleep, who did a great job in steering an extremely idiosyncratic list all the way to the final. But Moddie always had a very strong list and is a worthy winner tonight. Well played, both of you.

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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final - The Modernist Age!

Postby GoogaMooga » 19 Mar 2011, 19:36

A lot of oldies for a modernist, congratulations! You should commemorate your victory by burning a CD of all the tracks. :D
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Re: BCB Cup 2011 The final - The Modernist Age!

Postby Goat Boy » 19 Mar 2011, 19:38

Congrats Moddie! :D

And cheers to the Masked Man for running this whole fucking shebang so well this year.
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