LA COPA: R4, M2 - Packrat exterminated!

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LA COPA: R4, M2 - Packrat exterminated!

Postby Butch Manly » 28 Feb 2010, 18:58

List A:

Irma Thomas - Break-A-Way - link
Pleasure Seekers - What a Way to Die - link
Shoes - Tomorrow Night - link
Jay Reatard - I Know a Place - link
Soft Machine - Why Are We Sleeping? - link
Link Wray - Deuces Wild - link
Gal Costa - Tuareg - link
Subway Sect - Different Story - link
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right - link
Buddy Holly - True Love Ways - link
Thelonious Monk - Bye-Ya - link
The Who - Disguises - link
King Tubby - King at the Control - link
Brian Eno - Cindy Tells Me - link
The Saints - Know Your Product - link
Young Marble Giants - N.I.T.A. - link
The Gun Club - Jack on Fire - link
Bob Dylan - It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry - link
The Ronettes - I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine - link
Velvet Underground - Foggy Notion - link
Howlin Wolf - Smokestack Lightning - link
13th Floor Elevators - Postures (Leave Your Body Behind) - link
Alex Chilton - My Rival - link
Television - Venus - link
The Exciters - Blowing Up My Mind - link

List B:

Soul Limbo - Booker T & the MGs link
Let The Good Times Roll - Louis Jordan link
Spanish Stroll - Mink de Ville link
That's Alright Mama - Elvis Presley link
Terra Nova - iLiketrains link
A Minha Menina - Os Mutantes link
Rave On - Buddy Holly link
Silver Machine - Hawkwind link
All Day And All Of The Night - The Kinks link
Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones link
Shaking All Over - Johnny Kidd & the Pirates link
Voices Carry - 'til Tuesday link
Dominos - Big Pink link
Blue Honey - Pop Levi link
Right Place, Wrong Time - Dr John link
Blues Run The Game - Jackson C. Frank link
Here Comes The Night - Them link
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads link
The Rocker - Thin Lizzy link
Why Did You Do It? - Stretch link
Banana Boat Song - Harry Belafonte link
Clint Eastwood - Gorrilaz link
Everybody Knows - Leonard Cohen link
I Still Want To Be Your Baby (Take Me Like I Am) - Betty Lavette link
Mama Weer All Crazee Now - Slade link (excuse the intro)
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Magilla » 28 Feb 2010, 19:08

"U2 routinely spent a year in the studio...I have a theory: if you put four monkeys in the studio for a year with Lanois and Eno and Lillywhite, they would make a pretty good record, too."

The Modernist

Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby The Modernist » 28 Feb 2010, 19:08

I was hoping for something better from the Betty Lavette track than some warmed up attempts to 'rock' played by a load of mullated session men. You would have been much better picking something from her classic soul period.
Both lists really don't press things home with their extra five here, I'm not that enthused by A's extra five either. Nevertheless A has more moments of inspiration generally and it still looks pretty strong as a whole.


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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Walk In My Shadow » 28 Feb 2010, 19:15



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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Penk! » 28 Feb 2010, 19:17

A is getting better as it progresses - and will surely have the chance to do so again. I've a fondness for some of B, but it's starting to struggle now.
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Goat Boy » 28 Feb 2010, 19:17

A by a distance....

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Matty Red Sox » 28 Feb 2010, 19:20


Weirdly, I hadn't noticed Another Girl Another Planet on any lists this year... but I recall Shaking All Over... I used both my first year.
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby king feeb » 28 Feb 2010, 19:23

You'd pay big bucks to know what you really think.

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 28 Feb 2010, 19:25

Can't choose. Sorry.

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Leg of lamb » 28 Feb 2010, 19:28

Ooh I really like A. The Exciters track is the sort of thing that makes me keep believing.

I think both lists are similar to begin with... but A definitely has more stamina.
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby harvey k-tel » 28 Feb 2010, 19:34

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Doctor Gonzo » 28 Feb 2010, 19:38

I like A.

B's OK, but not that great. It also knocked me out, although that's not my reason for voting against it.

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Buddha B-Rex » 28 Feb 2010, 19:46

A without much enthusiasm.
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Always Positive » 28 Feb 2010, 19:47

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby packrat » 28 Feb 2010, 19:53

the rat is back - more or less!

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby The Fish » 28 Feb 2010, 19:59

A It's all over the place but the Wolf and Chilton in the new 5 swing it.
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby John Barleykorn » 28 Feb 2010, 20:16

Both nice lists, but for me - B
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby whodathunkit » 28 Feb 2010, 20:18

A is a list to admire. B is a list to enjoy.


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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Cosmic American Girl » 28 Feb 2010, 20:23


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Re: LA COPA: R4, M2

Postby Thesiger » 28 Feb 2010, 20:25

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