BCB CUP 2010: Round 3, Match 11 - Pile of shite driver!

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Re: BCB CUP 2010: Round 3, Match 11

Postby Matty Red Sox » 25 Feb 2010, 03:45

RcL (eraser) wrote:
Matty Red Sox wrote:Bjust got even stronger!

With Joe Strummer, The Rapture and Gnarls Barkley? Matty, you have to be on methadone, or err, can't think of any other substance which would do it? Serious head injury?

Gee, a lot of us must have serious head injuries. Boy, 45 of us are pretty fucking stupid. Fucking twat. I can see how negative I was in the post above, I really slammed the losing list badly.
the Eagles suck.