LA COPA 2010: Round 2, Match 32 - Wang Dang Toodle-oo!

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Re: LA COPA 2010: Round 2, Match 32 - Wang Dang Toodle-oo!

Postby MP3PO » 20 Feb 2010, 00:31

Matty Red Sox wrote:A fine list Wang Dang. Too bad you should've gone further, but the can backlash is coming.

Thanks! As a few others have said before me it was the first time they entered the Cup and the same for me as well. I did enjoy it but I think if I enter next year I`m going to try and mix it up a bit more than this list. I did think I had a pretty good list but as I noticed compared with most (all?) of the others that mine did`nt have enough diversity. I also got into the spirit of the thing more than I thought I would! When I first started my ten I just thought "Oh,whatever. If I make it through okay,if I don`t no problem". When I did make it through the first round I was really racking my brain to come up with my next five. I knew the Ween track probably would`nt do me any favor but even though they are`nt my favorite band in the world I do like some of there stuff and I could`nt see "Bananas and Blow" fitting in there. I think the biggest surprise for me was seeing someone elses list that had Jesus Lizard-Mouthbreather in their first ten and grabbing quite a few votes the first round.
Thanks to all the people that dropped some votes my way and I had some nice comments as well. Thanks to Griff and the others that are involved in the running of the thing. I did`nt know how much was involved in this and I`m sure he/they spend a lot of time getting things right.