Copa de BCB 09: QF 1 - SBA? SFA!

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Billybob Dylan
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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Billybob Dylan » 26 Feb 2009, 20:17

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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby never/ever » 26 Feb 2009, 20:21

Think B's my fave list all the way to the end.

Go, son!

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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Corporate whore » 26 Feb 2009, 20:45


Glad to see I'm not the only Dengue Fever fan on the board.

I remember getting a very split vote over 'We Care A Lot' when I used it. Its musical genius I tells ya!

purgatory brite

Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby purgatory brite » 26 Feb 2009, 20:49

a very close call but A

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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Thesiger » 26 Feb 2009, 20:59

BCB Cup - R.U. 2010: W 2012

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Jeff K
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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Jeff K » 26 Feb 2009, 21:22


I liked the variety.
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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Beno » 26 Feb 2009, 22:03

It had REM and Pavement to start with, and now it has CCR.


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Goat Boy
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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Goat Boy » 26 Feb 2009, 22:04

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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Neil Jung » 26 Feb 2009, 22:26

It was raining when we drove up the two-lane highway through the long tunnel of trees that led into the black district on the south end of St. Martinville.

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trans-chigley express
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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby trans-chigley express » 26 Feb 2009, 22:36

The steller Sigur Rós track on A is always tempting to vote for but B has a clutch of good 'uns that wins me over, including the Faith No More one.


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Ranking Ted
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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Ranking Ted » 26 Feb 2009, 23:31

Hmm, plenty of worthies on both - I'm going for B, though. Of its new 5, I don't know Dengue Fever - the rest are fantastic, and there's plenty of good, good stuff left over.
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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby whodathunkit » 26 Feb 2009, 23:40

Neither of these are top-notch but each list keeps dropping the odd goody in to keep me interested. And B has more of them.


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Matty Red Sox
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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Matty Red Sox » 27 Feb 2009, 00:28

Still cannot believe that I lost to B.
the Eagles suck.

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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby mission » 27 Feb 2009, 01:53

It's "Were you there" and I did tremble, tremble.

If you take each song on B as it comes, without thinking of it as part of a coherent playlist, they are pretty fucking great.

So I vote for them. The songs, that is. The list is pretty whack.

Goodness gracious me.

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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Zeke » 27 Feb 2009, 02:16

A by a wide margin.

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Mike Boom
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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Mike Boom » 27 Feb 2009, 04:27

A ..... but very close call.

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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Cosmic American Girl » 27 Feb 2009, 04:30


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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby Still Baron » 27 Feb 2009, 04:36

This one is tough! How do I vote against a list with "Slack Motherfucker" in it?

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James R
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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby James R » 27 Feb 2009, 04:41

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Re: Copa de BCB 09: QF 1

Postby soundchaser » 27 Feb 2009, 07:13