BCB CUP 2009: Round 2 Match 2 - Brotherlouie disowned!

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Re: BCB CUP 2009: Round 2 Match 2 - Brotherlouie disowned!

Postby mission » 11 Feb 2009, 00:05

Dr Modernist wrote:
penk! wrote:
Dr Modernist wrote:I voted for it too, but then I seem to prefer the losing list 90% of the time.

You're just being wilfully obscure G.

It's a heavy cross to bare but someone has to do it. :)

Unless you have one inked upon your person, I imagine you would be bearing that cross.

Does everyone know about the little kid who went to a religious school and spent his hymn-singing times thinking he was singing about Gladly, the cross-eyed bear?
Goodness gracious me.

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Re: BCB CUP 2009: Round 2 Match 2

Postby The Red Heifer » 11 Feb 2009, 06:21

martha wrote:
The Red Heifer wrote: I wouldn't be embarassed, I love that song, and I'll never be embarassed for liking it. Ask me in 5 years.

Will do. Only time will tell.

Well considering it was released in 2003, it's already been over 5 years it's come out, and I still like it, so there we go. Cream always rises to the top in pop music.
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