BCB CUP - THE FINAL! - Marquis loses - Griff wins

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BCB CUP - THE FINAL! - Marquis loses - Griff wins

Postby Tapiocahead » 15 Jun 2007, 21:18

The deadline for this tie is Monday 18/06/07. 10:00pm GMT.


Another Girl Another Planet The Only Ones
Tower Of Song Leonard Cohen
Just Like Heaven The Cure
Don't Forget About Me Dusty Springfield
25 Miles Edwin Starr
Last Goodbye Jeff Buckley
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out The Smiths
The Seed (2.0) The Roots
Something The Beatles
Try A Little Tenderness Otis Redding
Dry The Rain - The Beta Band
Red Right Hand - Nick Cave
Sexx Laws - Beck
Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) - Frank Wilson
I'm In Love With A German Film Star - The Passions
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Perfect Skin - Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
You Set The Scene - Love
Safe From Harm - Massive Attack
A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys
Maggot Brain - Funkadelic
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Embarrassment - Madness
Debaser - The Pixies
Common People - Pulp
Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
Eye Know - De La Soul
Float On - Modest Mouse
The Facts Of Life - Black Box Recorder
The Man Don't Give A Fuck - Super Furry Animals
Playground Love - Air
Song For The Dumped - Ben Folds
A Pair Of Brown Eyes - The Pogues
Julia - Pavlov's Dog
Hold On, I'm Comin' - Sam & Dave


Transmission - Joy Division
Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack
Runaround Sue - Dion and the Belmonts
Who Knows Where the Time Goes? - Fairport Convention
Band of Gold - Freda Payne
It was a Good Day - Ice Cube
Summer Wind - Frank Sinatra
Beasley Street - John Cooper Clarke
We the People Who Are Darker than Blue - Curtis Mayfield
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Darlene Love
The Ballad of Easy Rider - The Byrds
Have You Seen Her? - The Chi-Lites
Apology Accepted - The Go-betweens
Je t'aime....moi non plus - Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
Shoot Speed/Kill Light - Primal Scream
The Crown - Gary Byrd and the GB Experience
Lenny Valentino - The Auteurs
Sabotage - Beastie Boys
Deeper Into Movies - Yo La Tengo
Do What You Gotta Do - Nina Simone
No Reply - The Beatles
Pull Up To The Bumper - Grace Jones
Walk On By - The Stranglers
I Don't Care Anymore - Doris Duke
Everyone's a VIP to Someone - The Go! Team
Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - Neil Young and Crazy Horse
I Can Never Go Home Anymore - The Shangri-Las
Blue Boy - Orange Juice
Long Promised Road - The Beach Boys
The Hymn For The Cigarettes - Hefner
Make It Easy On Yourself - The Walker Brothers
Seven Minutes To Midnight - Wah! Heat
Young Americans - David Bowie
Many Rivers To Cross - Jimmy Cliff
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Mike Boom
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Postby Mike Boom » 15 Jun 2007, 21:42

Difficult - B has more songs that I REALLY like - Young Americans, Running Up That Hill, Long Promised Road, Who Knows..., Ballad of Easy Rider, Transmission - but has a few I really dislike too.

A has less I dislike but has a lot of rather over obvious choices - Something, Another Girl, Tenderness, Common People, Teen Spirit.

ummmmmm ................. B

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Count Machuki
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Postby Count Machuki » 15 Jun 2007, 21:43

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Postby Bungo the Mungo » 15 Jun 2007, 21:47


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Davey the Fat Boy
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Postby Davey the Fat Boy » 15 Jun 2007, 21:47

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Postby C » 15 Jun 2007, 21:48

A by a whisker

but I am not familiar with many in either list

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Postby Zeke » 15 Jun 2007, 21:52

A by a long shot.

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harvey k-tel
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Postby harvey k-tel » 15 Jun 2007, 21:59

A kinda looks like the playlist from a radio station that's trying too hard to get down with MOJO readers.


Afterr little deliberation......

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Postby Beno » 15 Jun 2007, 22:01

These really are two great list, both worthy of making the final. With so many tracks on both sides and with it being the final I really need to give this some thought.

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Otago Mago
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Postby Magilla » 15 Jun 2007, 22:08

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Postby Jock » 15 Jun 2007, 22:26

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Obvious Alf
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Postby Obvious Alf » 15 Jun 2007, 22:38

Carlsson wrote: I am not familiar with many in either list.

I know how you feel, Stephen. Kids, eh?

I like a tune you've got no chance you can whistle, myself. I know you agree. That's the problem you see. They're obsessed with snappy, enjoyable tunes these days, young 'uns. It was all so much more complicated in our day. :(
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Postby Snarfyguy » 15 Jun 2007, 23:03


The lists I liked better than these all got voted out already.

B, I guess.
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The Red Heifer
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Postby The Red Heifer » 16 Jun 2007, 00:04

A, congratulations.
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Ranking Ted
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Postby Ranking Ted » 16 Jun 2007, 00:10

I've really liked B throughout but he (and I think we know who he is by now) almost drops the ball at the end - Hefner?? A was a rare list that improved as it went on - overall, its splendid.

But its B that would be a deserving winner. Glad I dropped in - wouldn't want to miss the final.

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Postby whodathunkit » 16 Jun 2007, 00:13

B has ended up as a nice enough list but A has at least half a dozen killer tracks. Predictable but still killers.


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Postby Beno » 16 Jun 2007, 00:39

After much deliberation I have finally decided. It's so close I'm going mainly on the additional 5 tracks and B has kept up its record of picking at least one or two killer tracks in every new 5. So it's Hefner and Jimmy Cliff that make the difference.


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Postby John_K » 16 Jun 2007, 00:51

Think I'd voted for both in earlier stages, this time 'round it's


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Cosmic American Girl
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Postby Cosmic American Girl » 16 Jun 2007, 01:00

B Baby, B

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Matty Red Sox
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Postby Matty Red Sox » 16 Jun 2007, 01:30

the Eagles suck.