SEMI FINAL 1 - Davey Fat Boy out

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Postby Tapiocahead » 12 Jun 2007, 20:48

a - 35
b - 22

B is Davey Fat Boy.

Congrats to A - five more songs please as soon as humanly possible please.
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Postby toomanyhatz » 12 Jun 2007, 20:52

So ends the reign of a great list. And I don't just say that because I know the guy. Nobody else's additions were as good.

I'm wondering who A bribed, and how it is I didn't get in on it.
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Postby Snarfyguy » 12 Jun 2007, 21:10

Sorry Davey. It was good run and even I voted for your list!
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Postby Davey the Fat Boy » 12 Jun 2007, 21:12

No bitter recriminations here. A has an excellent list.

I'm surprised I got as far as I did.
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Postby Cosmic American Girl » 12 Jun 2007, 21:47

Sorry that either list had to lose, even though you should have gone down in the first match, Davey Boy! Both lists were top notch. :lol:

Good Luck in the final A. 8-)

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Postby Owen » 12 Jun 2007, 23:58

B was very good, when it stuck to it's bases it's choices were impeccable, it was possibly even better than A overall. But it didn't seem to get the stuff beyond those bases at all.

There's a list in the other semi thats similar but just kind of said fuck it, these songs are great and thats the kind of music i like. No attempt at widening what was covered and no songs that belong in the bizarro competition.