SEMI FINAL 1 - Davey Fat Boy out

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Postby mentalist (slight return) » 08 Jun 2007, 07:38


I hope you beat Brazil in the final. There are a few instances where I'd have picked other tracks (Verve, Jay-Z).

Those last 5 tracks are the duck's guts

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue - Them
Up on the Sun - Meat Puppets
More Bounce to the Ounce - Zapp & Roger
Twenty Flight Rock - Eddie Cochran
These Days - Nico

especially Zapp and Roger
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Postby Magilla » 08 Jun 2007, 07:38

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Postby Copehead » 08 Jun 2007, 08:12

I find neither particularly exciting, both have around 5 songs that I'd class as classics. A has Transmission which is head and shoulders above all the other stuff.

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Postby The Marquess » 08 Jun 2007, 09:37

I HATE Waterloo Sunset

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petulant clarksville
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Postby petulant clarksville » 08 Jun 2007, 11:28

It's very close but I'm going for A

Bungo the Mungo

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 08 Jun 2007, 11:33

petulant clarksville wrote:It's very close but I'm going for A

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Postby Goat Boy » 08 Jun 2007, 12:15

A. I could never vote against I Can Never Go Home Anymore by The Shangri-Las
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Postby Tapiocahead » 08 Jun 2007, 12:30

A for me please
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Postby The Fish » 08 Jun 2007, 12:57

I'll live to regret it but.....

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the masked man
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Postby the masked man » 08 Jun 2007, 13:32

A pretty comfortable vote for A, even if it did knock me out of the quarter-final. But it's comfortably the best list left; consistently sure-footed and displaying commendably wide taste while doing more than just box-ticking. Great list - I hope it wins the final.

B is often fine but often mystifying - why choose 'Hard Knock Life' when you could choose '99 Problems'? Too many lapses in concentration overall.

A, then

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Postby John_K » 08 Jun 2007, 13:45

A for me please.

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Postby sloopjohnc » 08 Jun 2007, 14:45

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Postby Snarfyguy » 08 Jun 2007, 18:50

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Postby Ranking Ted » 08 Jun 2007, 19:18

Owen wrote:B's made me put Them on, and made me enjoy a Van Morrison track, :roll: suppose it is at least a Bob song.

It is a great version, I agree. I prefer to think of it as an anomaly re "The Man".


Postby moonie » 08 Jun 2007, 19:48

A is a majic number...

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Jeff K
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Postby Jeff K » 08 Jun 2007, 23:55


Close call though. I liked A's 5 new songs (especially the Shangs!)
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Postby Moleskin » 09 Jun 2007, 00:29

The new stuff on B is just so much more interesting than the new stuff on A.
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Postby brilleaux » 09 Jun 2007, 00:44

B for me please
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Postby king feeb » 09 Jun 2007, 05:18


Zapp! That's genius.
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Postby trans-chigley express » 09 Jun 2007, 05:21


A's new selections are great.