Quarter Final Match 2 - Masked Man

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Postby Strider » 31 May 2007, 21:39

Its A for me.

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Postby RcL » 01 Jun 2007, 01:27


...just - for The Go! Team over The Avalanches.

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Marquis de Scarborough
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Postby Marquis de Scarborough » 01 Jun 2007, 09:44

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Postby Sambient » 01 Jun 2007, 10:31

Owen wrote:They both really get it

I'm intrigued by this statement. What do they get, how to push your buttons or how to create a winning list?

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Postby Sambient » 01 Jun 2007, 10:33

Even with a favorite Leonard Cohen track on B, I'll give it to A

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The Fish
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Postby The Fish » 01 Jun 2007, 12:16

We're way past rhubarb

Jumper k

Postby Jumper k » 01 Jun 2007, 17:22

A fuckin rubbish, B fuckin rubbish.
Too close to call


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Leg of lamb
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Postby Leg of lamb » 01 Jun 2007, 19:02

A dead heat on points, it's gone to gut feeling. And that Kelis/Fall combo is still doing it for me ... B.

(Many apologies to A though. I hope to god that this vote doesn't have the power to be decisive.)
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Postby Jude » 01 Jun 2007, 22:15

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Postby RcL » 02 Jun 2007, 02:17

A27-18B so far...?

I fear I have lost my fiver on a certain poster!


Postby moonie » 02 Jun 2007, 19:58


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Postby Zeke » 02 Jun 2007, 23:42


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Postby toomanyhatz » 03 Jun 2007, 00:35

A in a close call, despite the fact that B starts with two of the best songs in the whole cup.
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Postby Mike Boom » 03 Jun 2007, 03:01


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Postby Tapiocahead » 03 Jun 2007, 19:50

A - 27
B - 19

Masked Man is out
Fishstick selling fuck

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the masked man
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Postby the masked man » 04 Jun 2007, 09:59

Oh well, this was a pretty close contest until the last page, and then my competitor just got a flood of votes. But no hard feelings - I knew I was up against a very strong list, so I'm happy that I gave it a battle for a while. Good luck to the winning list here!

Thanks go out to everyone who voted for me and said nice things about my lists!