NOT the BIZARRO BCB CUP Round 1, Match 5 - RcL WINS!!!

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Postby toomanyhatz » 04 Jun 2007, 06:44

Loveless wrote:
geoffcowgill wrote:
toomanyhatz wrote:there's not too much wrong with "Smooth" to me.

Oh, Dave. No.


Not to be a joiner-inner, but WHAT THE FUCK, DAVE!?!?!

I knew this would happen. I'm surprised it took this long.

OK, I know we're supposed to hate this because of Rob Thomas and all, and he is indeed annoying, and this is a far stretch from early Santana. Mind you, it's not like it's the first time they've "sold out" or anything.

But this is supposed to be a bottom ten. Is it really, by any stretch of the imagination, one of the ten worst songs ever? Or do we just dislike the idea of it because it's so clearly cynical, and so opposed to the "hippie" ideals that Carlos espouses? I don't know, when I heard it on hit radio at the time, it sounded better to me than most of what surrounded it. Give it to me over most of the teen dance hits these days. I don't know, I just don't have the requisite anger toward this.

And it's a problem with some of these lists. There are far, far worse songs than most of what people are putting up here, and far too many "worst by a particular artist that's usually good" ones. It's supposed to be terrible songs, people. It's not a terrible song. OK, it's not a good one, and of course we all want to lash out at Carlos's hypocrisy, but as always, the truth's in the grooves. It's just not that bad.
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Postby 1# oɹɹɐzıq » 06 Jun 2007, 19:31

A - 5
B - 11

A isn't RcL!!!

CONGRATULATIONS! You're not out!!!

B - don't send 5 songs to Bizarro, you're welcome.

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Postby RcL » 07 Jun 2007, 02:05

Hmm - 5 UK votes most for A, 11 'world' votes most for B.

There are a lot of Genesis and Fugees lovers in the former colonies - that's the only reason I won, it seems.

That and the fact that some of you haven't heard Athlete's El Salvador - a song so repellant it would make a sane person chew their own fingers off..

May you all listen to Woo Hoo in hell for eternity!!!!

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Postby Count Machuki » 07 Jun 2007, 14:45

ah, but in the bizarro world, england was a colony of the usa!
american mods dance to UK southern folk all-day'ers!
the american invasion took the UK by storm in the mid-60s!
it's bizarro, maaan.
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