PLATE: round 3, match 2 - BAD AMBASSADOR OUT

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Re: PLATE: round 3, match 2

Postby Ranking Ted » 26 May 2007, 16:04

B's schtick is amusing and the choices are largely good ones. However, A is fabulous. Said it before but some of these plate lists are better than some of the Cup survivors.

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Butch Manly
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Postby Butch Manly » 26 May 2007, 21:19

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Still Baron
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Postby Still Baron » 27 May 2007, 10:14

I like A, but B is all about girls.
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Postby toomanyhatz » 28 May 2007, 01:27

B. Not only do I not mind thematic lists, but A has the Pet Shop Boys.
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Phenomenal Cat
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Postby Phenomenal Cat » 28 May 2007, 01:32

Blur? That starts with B.

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Postby geoffcowgill » 28 May 2007, 01:52


Loaded with great artists and the good sense to pick "Disney Girls" over "California Girls"

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Postby Sambient » 28 May 2007, 02:40


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Postby Complete Utter Ninny Troll » 28 May 2007, 02:49

I honestly cannot see the connection between the broads and the music. Did you think this was clever? Harrumph, people.

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Nikki Gradual
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Postby Nikki Gradual » 29 May 2007, 08:51

A - 13
B - 14 (Next 5 ASAP please)

A late rally for B forces Bad Ambassador out.
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