PLATE: round 3, match 2 - BAD AMBASSADOR OUT

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PLATE: round 3, match 2 - BAD AMBASSADOR OUT

Postby Nikki Gradual » 24 May 2007, 09:31

David Bowie - Always Crashing In The Same Car
Love - Always See Your Face
Kraftwerk - Europe Endless
Pet Shop Boys - I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
The Long Blondes - Once And Never Again
Stevie Wonder - If You Really Love Me
Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Beck - Tropicalia
Morrissey - The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get
Supergrass - Sun Hits The Sky
Professor Longhair - Big Chief
Pizzicato Five - Mon Amour Tokyo
Black Box Recorder - The Facts Of Life
Candi Staton - I'll Sing A Love Song To You
Richard Hawley - Just Like The Rain
Elvis Costello - New Amsterdam
Blur - Country Sad Ballad Man
Bo Diddley - You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover
The Velvet Underground - Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
Ed Harcourt - Metaphorically Yours

Girl Like You- Edwyn Collins
Just To Walk This Little Girl Home- Mink DeVille
Colorado Girl- Townes Van Zandt
London Girl- The Jam
Goodbye Girl- Squeeze
More Songs About Chocolate And Girls - The Undertones
Girl - Beck
Disney Girls(1957) - The Beach Boys
Stupid Girl - The Rolling Stones
All You Pretty Girls - XTC
Girl - The Beatles
Bad Girl - New York Dolls
Country Girl - Primal Scream
September Gurls - Big star
Girl From North Country - Bob Dylan
Coma Girl - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Tiny Girls - Iggy Pop
Girl - T. Rex
Cowgirl In The Sand - Neil Young
West Country Girl - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
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Postby The Marquess » 24 May 2007, 09:43

I HATE Waterloo Sunset

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Postby Marquis de Scarborough » 24 May 2007, 09:54

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Postby Walk In My Shadow » 24 May 2007, 12:14



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Re: PLATE: round 3, match 2

Postby Ali » 24 May 2007, 12:24

B has done well to find 19 songs about girls and one about gurls, and some of them are good, but I still don't want to vote for a themed list. I don't know why. Luckily, I don't have to, because A has Saint Etienne and a good Bowie choice, along with other delights.

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Postby WG Kaspar » 24 May 2007, 12:45

I run out of talent

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Postby Tapiocahead » 24 May 2007, 13:11

Fishstick selling fuck

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Postby kath » 24 May 2007, 13:28


i know a themed list can seem hokey or force-fit... but i swear, i just love it song-for-song more.

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Postby whodathunkit » 24 May 2007, 13:34

I scored them dead-level so I went for my favourite song, "Always See Your Face".


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Postby The Red Heifer » 24 May 2007, 13:53

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Postby Copehead » 24 May 2007, 16:42

All the way with A

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Postby Jude » 24 May 2007, 17:44

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Postby The Modernist » 24 May 2007, 18:07


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Postby Leg of lamb » 24 May 2007, 19:07

A is classy as you like. I really like some of these plate lists.
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Postby Bad Ambassador » 24 May 2007, 19:10

Nice to see Edwyn Collins on B's list but A edges it.

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Postby Owen » 24 May 2007, 21:28

A's a class list

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Postby Beno » 24 May 2007, 22:13


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Postby brassneck.. » 25 May 2007, 19:20

An easy win for A.

Great Blur choice.

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Postby Mike Boom » 25 May 2007, 19:20


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