First Round Match 21 - Chiefwhat

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First Round Match 21 - Chiefwhat

Postby Tapiocahead » 23 Apr 2007, 20:19


Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
George Mcrae - I get Lifted
Guru (Feat. Macy Gray) - All I Said
The J.B's - Pass the peas
Barefoot - Born Slippy
Plej - You
Love - You Set The Scene
Orbital - Belfast
Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Hello My Baby
The Congos - Solid Foundation


Be Thankful For What You Got - William DeVaughan
Time Has Told Me - Nick Drake
Hercules - Aaron Neville
Caroline, No - Beach Boys
Idiot Wind - Bob Dylan
Who Knows Where The Time Goes - Sandy Denny
The Mercy Seat - Nick Cave
Chase The Devil - Max Romeo
Marquee Moon - Television
Amsterdam - Scott Walker
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Jeff K
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Postby Jeff K » 23 Apr 2007, 20:21


Mainly because I'm more familiar with the songs.
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harvey k-tel
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Postby harvey k-tel » 23 Apr 2007, 20:23

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The Fish
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Postby The Fish » 23 Apr 2007, 20:26


but with a nod to A for the Betty Wright track.
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Johnny Fartpants

Postby Johnny Fartpants » 23 Apr 2007, 20:28


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Postby C » 23 Apr 2007, 20:33


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Postby Magilla » 23 Apr 2007, 20:34

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Bungo the Mungo

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 23 Apr 2007, 20:34

A looks interesting. i'm certainly inspired to check out some of the tracks that i've not heard.

will vote later on this.

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Postby Zeke » 23 Apr 2007, 20:37

B is a solid list.

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Postby Walk In My Shadow » 23 Apr 2007, 20:45



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Postby whodathunkit » 23 Apr 2007, 20:45

Didn't vote for B in the prelims but I am now. Lifes like that. isn't it?


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Postby brilleaux » 23 Apr 2007, 20:55

Love Pass The Peas, but B gets it for me.
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Postby Cosmic American Girl » 23 Apr 2007, 20:57


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Butch Manly
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Postby Butch Manly » 23 Apr 2007, 21:00

A is an interesting list with some good picks (although why anyone would consider any version of "born slippy" other than underworld's is quite beyond me) but in the end the sheer quality of the songs on B carries it through.
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Postby soundchaser » 23 Apr 2007, 21:05


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Postby The Red Heifer » 23 Apr 2007, 21:07

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Postby Owen » 23 Apr 2007, 21:17

A's got some great funk, and its made me put Betty Wright on which is the best thing i've heard tonight plus Love and the Congos are great

I think i voted for B last time and it almost lost out just because it was stuff i'd read before and A seemed all fresh and cool but it's still a great set of songs, Hercules, Idiot wind and Who Knows where the time goes pretty much sum up everything you could ever want from music.

B but A was unluckly to come up against it and it's made me play some great stuff

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Postby cheifwhat » 23 Apr 2007, 21:17

LL Cool G wrote:although why anyone would consider any version of "born slippy" other than underworld's is quite beyond me

Have you heard that version?!?!
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The Modernist

Postby The Modernist » 23 Apr 2007, 21:20

Just been playing Plej on youyube, it's a contemporary take on a classic jazz funk sound - very nice indeed. The choice of a sharp operator. Elsewhere A has a great funk selection in George MaCrae, actually picks one of the best tracks from Forever Changes ( something not everyone has achieved), good roots selection from The Congos (this year's surprise act) and plenty more besides. Like the whole vibe of this list a lot.

B is a good list too and will get plenty of votes, it's a more populist list than A and will probably be too strong. But I'm going with the more personalised A.

A has pretty close taste to me, bad news for doing well in the competition, but good news generally.


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Re: First Round Match 21

Postby Ranking Ted » 23 Apr 2007, 21:25

I think I'd enjoy A as a mixtape but B's got at least 5 killer tracks that I can't argue with (despite, I think voting against it last time).

Edit: shows you what I remember; it's a second hit for B.