First Round Match 20 - Bleep

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Postby Count Machuki » 24 Apr 2007, 18:05


b's kind of freestyle, huh?
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Postby automatic_drip » 24 Apr 2007, 20:54

I like the Pixies and Belly, but it's clearly B

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Postby king feeb » 24 Apr 2007, 21:27

A has more choices I enjoy personally. So there you go.
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Postby Snarfyguy » 24 Apr 2007, 22:41

Corporal Moddie! wrote:There's quite a bit of antagonism towards B, and yet people aren't really articulating why on the whole. I wonder what it is about it that's making people react in this way. Do they see a list that proposes an alternative idea of what we should treasure and just recoil? Is it too close to the bone in the way it challenges their core values?

My initial reaction was that you must be over-thinking this, but on reflection, you may be right. I mostly like guitar rock, pop and jazz, although I do like Kraftwerk quite a bit. I *generally* don't like electronica and related genres as much, being more of a song-oriented person.

So while it strikes a slightly hysterical note to say that my core values are challenged, I will confess that I like the kind of music on list A more than the kind of music on list B. I'm not sure whether that sort of preference is a "core value," but there it is...

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Jumper k

Re: First Round Match 20

Postby Jumper k » 25 Apr 2007, 09:35


Pixies 'Here Comes Your Man' At their best the Pixies are a thrilling and challenging band. This is the antithesis of all of their best work. Soporific
Monkees 'Door into Summer' I always rely on the Monkees to produce lightweight wimppop of the lowest common denominator. I'm not disappointed with this inconsequential slice of offensive cackLove 'Orange Skies' Drug-addled nonsense. There is a place for drug addled nonsense of course but not at the expense of a tune
Wedding Present 'Silver Shorts' Maybe fashionable in the 70's, the shorts are not ready for a comeback. Hopefully this applies to Gedge's moronic misanthropists and all.
Pink Floyd 'Crying Song' I am, with anger after listening to this
Belly 'Gepetto' Crafter of big nosed wooden puppets. I hate puppets.
Family Cat 'Steamroller' Flat
Boo Radleys 'Lazarus' I don't believe in God thus resurrection is a bit of a problem. I certainly don't believe in the Boo Radleys, but if I did I 'd like to think they would be the subject of an inquisition of the Spanish kind, found guilty and burnt at the stake to prevent any more of this blasphemous rubbish
Screaming Trees 'Halo of Ashes' This choice has been designed with me in mind, hasn't it? Well done.
Fire 'Father's Name Is Dad' No shit ,you idiots


Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls Most West End girls I have seen have been marauding gangs of scantily clad slappers wobbling on stilettos out of their brains on Wicked, vomiting in the side streets. This easily has the same pervading aroma. Cheap perfume and bile teetering on too high aspirations.
Tulio de Piscopo - Stop Bajon (Primavera) I've not heard this but I suspect its some horrific clunky piano led repetitive Italo disco gubbins that goes own for weeks slowly disappearing up its own arsehole.
Kraftwerk - Tour de France Endless, anally painful with the listener begging for the end to come swiftly. Just like the participants themselves
Alan Parsons Project - Mammagamma Musical gibberish reflective of the infantile title.
My Mine - Hypnotic Tango The last thing you'd do under hypnosis is the Tango. You'd be more likely to mime fucking a sheep or something. Which would be more plerasurable than this.
Yello - The Race The acceptable face of austere Swiss synth disco
Roy Ayers - Chicago Like the city, cold wet and nauseatingly gaseous
Donald Byrd - Love will Come Around Not for you Don my boy
Herbie Hancock - Rockit Like a knock-off viagra pill. Stutteringly flaccid.
Newcleus - Jam on It Top choice Tobe, err fella

Despite a might Trees track you have to admire the Chutzpah in B's selections. A is an Indie kid's wet dream. B is a disco queen's wet dream.
At least disco queens have a bit of joy about them.


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Postby Penk! » 25 Apr 2007, 15:37

Both are quite interesting, I prefer A on the whole.
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Postby Tapiocahead » 25 Apr 2007, 21:33

a - 39
b - 22

To the surprise of nobody - B is Bleep
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Postby the masked man » 25 Apr 2007, 22:10

I knew Bleep didn't stand a chance here, but I really liked that list. It was an alternative to the increasingly identikit lists I'm been wading through, and, more importantly, it actually had some top tunes - 'The Race' and 'West End Girls' are just nailed on classics.

The BCB Cup is much poorer now this has been eliminated. Oh well, back to deciding which list has the better CSN&Y song...

The Modernist

Postby The Modernist » 25 Apr 2007, 22:44

the masked man wrote: Oh well, back to deciding which list has the better CSN&Y song...

Well I'm very disappointed no one's picked "Almost Cut My Hair".