First Round Match 20 - Bleep

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First Round Match 20 - Bleep

Postby Tapiocahead » 23 Apr 2007, 20:15


Pixies 'Here Comes Your Man'
Monkees 'Door into Summer'
Love 'Orange Skies'
Wedding Present 'Silver Shorts'
Pink Floyd 'Crying Song'
Belly 'Gepetto'
Family Cat 'Steamroller'
Boo Radleys 'Lazarus'
Screaming Trees 'Halo of Ashes'
Fire 'Father's Name Is Dad'


Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
Tulio de Piscopo - Stop Bajon (Primavera)
Kraftwerk - Tour de France
Alan Parsons Project - Mammagamma
My Mine - Hypnotic Tango
Yello - The Race
Roy Ayers - Chicago
Donald Byrd - Love will Come Around
Herbie Hancock - Rockit
Newcleus - Jam on It
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harvey k-tel
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Postby harvey k-tel » 23 Apr 2007, 20:22

I'll choose Toby's list.
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The Fish
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Postby The Fish » 23 Apr 2007, 20:23


and that's only for The Monkees and Love. Neither list does a lot for me - sorry guys. I could almost dig the jazz funk vibe at the end of B, but there are better choices and I hate The Pet Shop Boys with a vengeance.
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Johnny Fartpants

Postby Johnny Fartpants » 23 Apr 2007, 20:27

A because it has the Pixies and doesn't have Kraftwerk.

Bungo the Mungo

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 23 Apr 2007, 20:31

despite being a curate's egg, A has enough to shade it.

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Postby C » 23 Apr 2007, 20:32

A is a good list

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Otago Mago
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Postby Magilla » 23 Apr 2007, 20:33

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Postby Zeke » 23 Apr 2007, 20:36

A by a substantial margin.

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Postby whodathunkit » 23 Apr 2007, 20:40

B is a noodlers delight. For Love and a track from the splendid "More " soundtrack,

I vote A

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Butch Manly
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Postby Butch Manly » 23 Apr 2007, 20:41

neither list particularly inspires me but i suppose i prefer A because of "lazarus" and "orange skies".
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Postby Walk In My Shadow » 23 Apr 2007, 20:44



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Postby brilleaux » 23 Apr 2007, 20:54

This is a toughie, but B just shades it
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Cosmic American Girl
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Postby Cosmic American Girl » 23 Apr 2007, 20:56


The Modernist

Postby The Modernist » 23 Apr 2007, 20:58

A has great tracks from Fire and Love, but is pretty unsure when picking anything outside 1967.
B is a varied and fun list . In particular the Roy Ayers and Yello selections are inspired. Abstract dance is the name of the game but there is pop nous here too with West End girls. And what a blast from another planet Rockit sounded like at the time, I'd quite forgotten about it.

by a distance.

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Postby soundchaser » 23 Apr 2007, 21:04


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The Red Heifer
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Postby The Red Heifer » 23 Apr 2007, 21:05

What the fucks this "curate's egg" shit?

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Postby Owen » 23 Apr 2007, 21:11

Made me play the race, rockit, the monkees, love and Fire tracks all of which were fun, although i now have Al doing impressions of the race which will get annoying very soon. made me wish i still owned a copy of gepetto as well.

A has some great stuff but also has pink floyd AND the wedding present.

I'll go for B but would be happy with either progressing really.

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Ranking Ted
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Re: First Round Match 20

Postby Ranking Ted » 23 Apr 2007, 21:21

You could do a really good 10 out of the two lists. Unfortunately, there's some stuff on both which I can't really get with. There's definitely a rock/pop choice to be made here and I'll go this time for A; its got my new discovery The Fire and Gepetto, so it wins for those.


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Postby toomanyhatz » 23 Apr 2007, 21:24

Not too enthused about either, but A at least has a few winners and has three tracks I like- Monkees, Love and Fire. Some of the rest I just don't know but might like it if I heard it- the same can not be said for the Pet Shop Boys or Alan Parsons. Prejudices, maybe, but it's enough to sink B for me.
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Postby Ali » 23 Apr 2007, 21:26

Owen wrote:although i now have Al doing impressions of the race which will get annoying very soon.

Meh-neh meh-neh neh neh, neh-ne-neh, meh-neh meh-neh neh neh, neh-ne-neh..... :)