Preliminary Round Match 7 - Nikki Gradual out

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Postby Davey the Fat Boy » 13 Apr 2007, 19:45

A nails at least three songs that I would include in any list of my absolute favorites with "Darling Be Home Soon," "Hot Burrito #1" and "Just My Imagination". If they'd have gone with "Never My Love" instead of "Along Comes Mary," they'd have hit a 4th.

B's list is good, but it never had a chance.
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Postby Grollope » 13 Apr 2007, 19:47


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Postby Count Machuki » 13 Apr 2007, 19:57

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Postby Cosmic American Girl » 13 Apr 2007, 19:58


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Postby Velvis » 13 Apr 2007, 20:05


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Leg of lamb
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Postby Leg of lamb » 13 Apr 2007, 20:09

I love 'Itchycoo Park' enough at the moment to consider it swaying me. But I love 'Just My Imagination' even more and it's given ample support from Ghostface and Ray Charles.

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Johnny Fartpants

Postby Johnny Fartpants » 13 Apr 2007, 20:11

B, despite the Pink Floyd track.

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Nikki Gradual
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Postby Nikki Gradual » 13 Apr 2007, 20:18

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Postby moonie » 13 Apr 2007, 20:30

Holy Cow. Someone picked one of my alltime favorite songs.

It's gotta be A

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Postby Ranking Ted » 13 Apr 2007, 20:58

'oh' to fruit splendour wrote:A edges it for me. Excellent lists, really.

Quoting the Coan-meister. Excellent stuff on B, A just shades it.

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Jeff K
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Postby Jeff K » 13 Apr 2007, 21:03


If whoever A is has more songs like that for the next round, it's going to be tough to beat. B's list was also good but comes up just a little short.
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Bungo the Mungo

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 13 Apr 2007, 21:46


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Postby Gater05 » 13 Apr 2007, 21:48

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Postby Magilla » 13 Apr 2007, 21:53

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Re: Preliminary Round Match 7

Postby Ali » 13 Apr 2007, 22:06

A, for the Loving Spoonful, Temptations, Bobby Bland and Ray Charles, and the absence of Led Zeppelin.

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Postby Beno » 13 Apr 2007, 22:20

B picks the right artists but then goes with tracks that are either too obvious or obviously wrong.

A has Eno and a great little Lovin' Spooful track.


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Postby NMB » 13 Apr 2007, 22:46

A is just sort of there. There's much more to love in B, despite another Another Girl, Another Planet. B it is.
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Postby Strider » 13 Apr 2007, 22:57


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Postby John_K » 13 Apr 2007, 23:14

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Postby It came from japan » 13 Apr 2007, 23:19