Round 4. Group A Match 1

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Postby Armchair Expert » 21 Mar 2006, 20:34

They say she ate to satiate a need for love


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Postby whodathunkit » 21 Mar 2006, 22:53

Good songs but poor lists.

A (just).

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Postby Snarfyguy » 21 Mar 2006, 23:27

GoogaMooga wrote: The further away from home you go, the greater the risk of getting stuck there.

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Postby The Modernist » 22 Mar 2006, 00:53

Perhaps my two favourites of the ones left in the competition. Either one would be a worthy winner.
Here's how the hep jury voted:


Great stuff
Fontella Bass - Rescue Me
Rain – the Beatles
Holidays in the Sun – Sex Pistols
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? – Jimmy Ruffin
The Only One I Know – The Charlatans
One Nation Under A Groove – Funkadelic
Monkey Man – The Maytals

Good stuff/I'd like to hear it
Gates of the West – The Clash
Brand New Cadillac - Vince Taylor & His Playboys
Pills - Bo Diddley. This was the track that knocked me out, so it must have something going for it.

OK/Not heard it
Fox On the Run - Sweet
Sookie Sookie – Grant Green
Boogie Chillen’ – John Lee Hooker
Another Girl Another Planet – the Only Ones
Satisfaction – Rolling Stones
Help You Ann - Lyres
Shaking All Over – Johnny Kidd
Long Time Coming – Delays
Hardest Button to Button – White Stripes
Rock and Roll – Velvet Underground
Have Love Will Travel – the Sonics
10 AM Automatic – Black Keys

Fuck off/not heard it but fuck off anyway
Do You Realize? - Flaming Lips
Good Times Bad Times – Led Zeppelin

Interesting list, though a bit bloke fuelled in an odd way. Where are the female vocalists? (apart from Fontella Bass)

Great Stuff
Massive Attack- Unfinished Sympathy
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terril- Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
David Bowie- Sound & Vision
Chic- Good Times
James Brown- Give it Up or Turn it Loose

Good Stuff/I'd like to hear it

The Clash- (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais
Grandmaster & Melle Melle- White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)
Wilson Pickett- 6345789 (That's My Number)
DJ Shadow- Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
Jonathon Richman & the Modern Lovers- Roadrunner (Pts. 1 & 2)
Underworld- Born Slippy
REM- (Don't Go Back) to Rockville
The Exciters- Tell Him.
Little "Stevie" Wonder- Fingertips, Pt II

OK/ Not heard it

The Chills- Pink Frost
Jay-Z- 99 Problems
Max Romeo- Chase the Devil
Gregory Isaacs- Tune In
Al Green- Simply Beautiful
Darcy Clay- Jesus I Was Evil
Bo Diddley- I Can Tell
Blondie - Sunday Girl

Fuck off/ Not heard it, but fuck off anyway

Husker Du- New Day Rising
ODB- Got Your Money

A actually has slightly more in the top echelon which excites me, but It has to be B which works for me on nearly every level. It needs to listen to a bit more 60's pop, but you can't have everything.
Good luck to A as well.

B it is.

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Postby mentalist (slight return) » 22 Mar 2006, 06:21

king of the divan

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Goatboy to Belle:

"I suggest you retreat to the safety of your Facebook bubble. Griff has a post he needs you to like."

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We're way past rhubarb

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Voting now closed - results to follow
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