ROUND 3 MATCH 4 - Northern Sky

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Postby Gater05 » 09 Mar 2006, 23:36


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Postby the masked man » 10 Mar 2006, 00:00

Two good lists - I'm looking for the song that will set my heart aflame...

and then I see Ocean Rain....ooooh it's A

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Postby PENK » 10 Mar 2006, 00:21

A has a couple of all-time favourites, and despite trying to cock things up further down the list, still has enough strength to overcome a decent challenge from B.
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Postby automatic_drip » 10 Mar 2006, 01:20

B beat me in round 2 - near great list!
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Postby mentalist (slight return) » 10 Mar 2006, 04:57

king of the divan

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Postby trans-chigley express » 10 Mar 2006, 04:59


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Postby Armchair Expert » 10 Mar 2006, 05:32

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Round 3 Match 4

Postby Lonely Planet Boy » 10 Mar 2006, 05:36

This is getting more difficult - I voted for both of these lists earlier, but if fewer people are voting, this is no time to wuss out, so I'll have to invoke the "never vote against Johnny Thunders rule" and go with A.

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Postby The Red Nosed Heifer » 10 Mar 2006, 06:31

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Postby northernsky » 10 Mar 2006, 07:18

B has inferior Neil Young and Love selections and an odd Sam Cooke choice, while A is a satisfying collection of bangin' anthems. And the Kings of Convenience.
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Postby The Fish » 10 Mar 2006, 08:15

We're way past rhubarb

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Postby NMB » 10 Mar 2006, 08:48

Both could try harder to be honest. But I'm in the mood for loud today so A.
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Postby Jumper k » 10 Mar 2006, 08:58

A real competition of curate's ovum.
The loud fast punk stylings of A versus the rappers and blues of B? The comparable wankness of the Bonzo's or Nick Drake?
What it boils down to is Elvis versus Ministry. Both driving with simple riffing, both have deranged vocalisation and both make your ass swing. However by the JKB patented system Elvis wins by being less than 3 minutes long - Ministry do go on a bit don't they?

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Postby funky_nomad » 10 Mar 2006, 08:58

Just a penitent man

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Postby Bucolic Old Sir Henry » 10 Mar 2006, 09:05

Jumper K wrote:The comparable wankness of the Bonzo's or Nick Drake?


Pip pip!
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Jumper k


Postby Jumper k » 10 Mar 2006, 09:22

Bucolic Old Sir Henry wrote:
Jumper K wrote:The comparable wankness of the Bonzo's or Nick Drake?


Pip pip!


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Postby Marquis de Scarborough » 10 Mar 2006, 09:38

B this time. Neither list is over inspiring though
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Postby Spec » 10 Mar 2006, 09:49

A primarily for the Mazzy Star

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Postby satans favourite son » 10 Mar 2006, 11:37


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Postby Madrugada » 10 Mar 2006, 11:49