Second Round Match 5 - Pete the Pick out

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Second Round Match 5 - Pete the Pick out

Postby Tapiocahead » 14 Feb 2006, 21:19


Duchess - The Stranglers
The Mercy Seat - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Some Candy Talking - Jesus and Mary Chain
Put a Little Love in your Heart - Jackie DeShannon
Here - Pavement
Holocaust - Big Star
Amsterdam - John Cale
You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory - Johnny Thunders
Ghostown - The Specials
Don't Dictate - Penetration
Little Child, Running Wild - Curtis Mayfield
Complete Control - The Clash
Common People - Pulp
Moonlight Mile - The Rolling Stones
Permafrost - Magazine


1. The Beatles - Rain
2. Spencer Davis Group - I'm A Man
3. The Doors - Riders On The Storm
4. The Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums
5. Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness
6. The Small Faces - Tin Soldier
7. Tim Buckley - Sweet Surrender
8. Lindisfarne - Lady Eleanor
9. Todd Rundgren - I Saw The Light
10. The Clash - Complete Control
11. The Cure - Love Song
12. Graham Parker & The Rumour - Heat Treatment
13. Neu! - Super
14. The Ruts - Something That I Said
15. The Specials - Ghost Town
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Postby Strider » 14 Feb 2006, 21:26

A just barely. Like the Stones selection, Holocaust is great (not sure if its Big Star's best), and the Pavement selection is interesting. It is funny how both of these share the same artists and even same songs (Complete Control).

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Postby The Write Profile » 14 Feb 2006, 21:29

Both cover very similar ground, but A has, on the whole, more I like, or at least seems to have a lot more energy going for it. Decent matchup though, once again, two very similar lists in their approach. Maybe a different Otis or Small Faces tracks might've changed things? I don't know...
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Postby geoffcowgill » 14 Feb 2006, 21:37

B just narrowly gets it for me. Not crazy about the Cure song, but the Specials and Graham Parker tracks are quite good. A pretty close match-up.

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Postby Walk In My Shadow » 14 Feb 2006, 21:40



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Postby Jeff K » 14 Feb 2006, 21:42

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Postby Ranking Ted » 14 Feb 2006, 21:47

There is quite a bit of overlap but it's A. Duchess is great.


Postby marios » 14 Feb 2006, 21:47

A team.

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Postby Beno » 14 Feb 2006, 21:51


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BCB Cup 2006 Round 2 Match 5

Postby Lonely Planet Boy » 14 Feb 2006, 21:53


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Postby NMB » 14 Feb 2006, 22:04

Close but B has the Ruts.
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Postby sensi » 14 Feb 2006, 22:21


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Postby Copehead » 14 Feb 2006, 22:23

I thought it was the same list posted twice for a moment there :shock:

A, I like pulp
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Bungo the Mungo

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 14 Feb 2006, 22:26

Lovely lists! A just edges it for me - and I mean just...

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Postby Gater05 » 14 Feb 2006, 22:30


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Postby satans favourite son » 14 Feb 2006, 22:42


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Postby Superdans » 14 Feb 2006, 22:44

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Postby The Modernist » 14 Feb 2006, 22:55


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Postby Snowdog » 14 Feb 2006, 23:01


More artists that I'm interested in. Pretty even though.
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Re: Second Round Match 5

Postby Butch Manly » 14 Feb 2006, 23:02

i'm really struggling with this tie. a quick perusal revealed that i was going to have to think carefully. after a while, i singled how many songs in each list i actually loved in that way that you just do with some songs but there were five each. back to the drawing board. i then identified the song i loved the most but i loved them equally. i rang the samaritans and they told me to choose the one with the best clash song so i rushed back to my computer overjoyed to be able to separate them but to no avail. the cat then suggested that i get a fucking life but it's easy for her, she doesn't own a computer.

i'm going to have to get back to you on this one. :(
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