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Postby Diamond Dog » 11 Apr 2005, 13:01

Sweet Black Angel wrote:I'm presuming it would take less to formulate a PM with votes for 4 different ties, as it would to post on 4 separate threads with the same.

Honest, this sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? For me, if the vote isn't there for all to see (on the thread) then it shouldn't count.

Hey, but what do I care................................?
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Postby cheifwhat » 11 Apr 2005, 13:31

Mr Tapioca Head wrote:TRSP PM vote makes it...

A ... 20
B ... 20

Replay time

i just counted these up. and i make it 14 to 15. so with the one pm'd vote, that can make it even. but there arent 20 votes each.
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