Last 16 match 7 - The Right Summery Profile out

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Marquis de Scarborough
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Postby Marquis de Scarborough » 07 Apr 2005, 19:48

A all the way
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Stat Boy
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Postby 010101010101 » 07 Apr 2005, 19:51

Purely on the quality of the new additions, B

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T. Berry Shuffle
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Postby T. Berry Shuffle » 07 Apr 2005, 19:53

Born to Lose
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The Modernist

Postby The Modernist » 07 Apr 2005, 20:00

Fantastic Dexys choice and all round A has a pop vitality that B in all its worthiness lacks.


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Postby Beno » 07 Apr 2005, 21:21

B - Just a fantastic list.

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Ranking Ted
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Postby Ranking Ted » 07 Apr 2005, 23:11

Uh, who are Che Fu and Sharon Jones? Is it really just me? Oh well, it's A this time for me.

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Jeff K
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Postby Jeff K » 07 Apr 2005, 23:13


The added tracks made a great list even better. The Goovies, Jerry Lee and my favorite Al Green song.
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the masked man
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Postby the masked man » 08 Apr 2005, 00:14

I like A a lot, and I now know who it is. It gets my vote.

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The Red Heifer
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Postby The Red Heifer » 08 Apr 2005, 01:31

A again
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Postby marios » 08 Apr 2005, 02:05

Derek Smalls wrote:Uh, who are Che Fu and Sharon Jones? Is it really just me? Oh well, it's A this time for me.


Judgement Day is upon you
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Postby -- » 08 Apr 2005, 11:14

A might look young, but he's a real old timer.

That and the other additions make this a fairly easy choice for this one. Sorry, B, it's A.

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Midnight to Six Man
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Postby Penk! » 08 Apr 2005, 13:10

It's A for me too. I'm so glad I managed to get on the internet in time not to miss the final.
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Postby automatic_drip » 08 Apr 2005, 14:01


(Che Fu, Chains - that's a bit of a giveaway!)
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Mr Tapioca Head
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Postby Mr Tapioca Head » 09 Apr 2005, 15:43

a .... 12 including the RSP vote
b .... 20

The Right Summery Profile is out
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The Write Profile
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Postby The Write Profile » 09 Apr 2005, 22:46

Mr Tapioca Head wrote:a .... 12 including the RSP vote
b .... 20

The Right Summery Profile is out

Well, I would like to thank those who supported me in the lead-in to this round, and those who continued to vote for me here.

I must say I was beaten by a good list though, and now that I know who it is, I might want to cough for a compilation of some of the artists mentioned.
It appears I fielded a second-string team of substitues, such as they were (Pere Ubu and Pickett really should've been in this side).

All the same, well done to the victor, I look forward to your further choices
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