round 2 match 13 - Snarfyguy out

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round 2 match 13 - Snarfyguy out

Postby Mr Tapioca Head » 01 Apr 2005, 22:21


Greogry Isaacs, Night Nurse
Underworld, Born Slippy
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, Some Velvet Morning
LL Cool J, Mamma Said Knock You Out
The Verlaines, Death & The Maiden
The Clash, White Man (in Hammersmith Palais)
Al Green, Call Me(Come Back Home)
Massive Attack, Unfinished Sympathy
Jonathon Richman & The Modern Lovers, Roadrunner (Pts 1 & 2)
David Bowie, Sound + Vision
DJ Shadow, Building Steam (With A Grain of Salt)
Marvin Gaye, Stubborn Kinda Fella
King Kapisi, Screams From the Old Plantation
Dusty Springfield, Son of A Preacher Man
The Roots: The Seed (v 2.0)

Velvet Underground - I’m Waiting for My Man
Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
Ronnettes - Baby I Love You
The Beach Boys - Don’t Worry Baby
Bob Dylan - A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall
The Kingsmen - Louie, Louie
Bryan Ferry - These Foolish Things
The Move - Fire Brigade
Flipper - Sex Bomb
Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Iggy Pop - Lust for Life
Eno - Needles in the Camel's Eye
Radiohead - Pyramid song
King Crimson - Red
The Fall - The Clasical
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Postby Owen » 01 Apr 2005, 22:23

I almost went with the DJ shadow track and the Seed is a monster of a track. A

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Postby Diamond Dog » 01 Apr 2005, 22:26

This is really hard. I'm gonna have to come back - the lists are almost perfectly matched.
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Postby The Prof » 01 Apr 2005, 22:35


(I'm thinking it might be Snarfguy)

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Postby Beno » 01 Apr 2005, 22:42

A's a good list but B's a great list. Best additional 5 I've seen.


The Modernist

Postby The Modernist » 01 Apr 2005, 23:16

It's funny how the identities are now beginning to reveal themselves. A is clearly my secret santa, I don't know a couple of the tracks on their list i'll have to see if it's on any of the compilations they sent me. I know most of it though and can't argue with any of it. Good to see the Seed being recognised by so many. B has some fine selections too but rather ruins it with The Fall and King Crimson.
The song of both lists is of course the majestic Unfinished Sympathy.
I voteA

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Postby trans-chigley express » 01 Apr 2005, 23:37

A had corn flakes for breakfast but B had three shredded wheat.

A brave man picks King Crimson. I wimped out and cut Starless from my extra five given the anti-prog sentiments of most of the voters.

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Postby Jeff K » 01 Apr 2005, 23:45


More closer to my own tastes.
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Postby -- » 02 Apr 2005, 00:18


Close to being my favourite list yet, I'd say.

I have a sneaking suspicion to whom it might belong, too.

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Postby Ranking Ted » 02 Apr 2005, 00:23

This is clearly getting more polarised, in terms of the preferences of the voters. I can tell who'll vote for what. Hmmmm. makes notes for next Cup

Oh, yes, and it's A.

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Postby Gater » 02 Apr 2005, 01:12

B again
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Postby PENK » 02 Apr 2005, 01:15

B is a good list, A is a great one.
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Postby 010101010101 » 02 Apr 2005, 01:55

I am almost certain as to who A is, and they've chosen a great selection, which gives them the nod. Good matchup, though

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the masked man
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Postby the masked man » 02 Apr 2005, 02:15

Hmm, A I think. It's a well-balanced diet that is essential for today's demanding lifestyles.

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Postby Snarfyguy » 02 Apr 2005, 03:00

It can only be B.
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Postby beheaded » 02 Apr 2005, 03:13

I voted for both in the 1st round but A choice has to be made...
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Jumper k

Postby Jumper k » 02 Apr 2005, 07:57

King Kapisi or Radiohead??? A hands down. Local support goes to Massive an all.

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Postby Oscar » 02 Apr 2005, 09:01

A, but only just.

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Postby x » 02 Apr 2005, 10:05

Eno swung it - A it is.

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Postby tweetybird » 02 Apr 2005, 10:14