Round 2 Match 7 - pcq, oh God!

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Round 2 Match 7 - pcq, oh God!

Postby PENK » 09 Feb 2016, 19:44

List A

Genesis – The Long Road
X – I Don’t Wanna Go Out
Velvet Underground – Somebody to Love
Split Ends – Rich with Nuthin
Iron Maiden – Liar
The Eagles – Exodus
Bauhaus – Modulor
Petula Clark – Downtown
Buzzocks – Running Free
Harry Belafonte – Jump in the Line
Iron Maiden – Running Free

List B

Motörhead - Killed by Death
Cold Blood - Kissing My Love
Neu! - Hero
Donny Hathaway - I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
Iggy Pop - Sister Midnight
Rhinoceros - I Need Love
The Three Degrees - The Runner
David Bowie - Sound and Vision
The Stovall Sisters - Hang On In There
Felt - Ballad of The Band
Dead Boys - Down In Flames
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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby The Write Profile » 09 Feb 2016, 20:56

Both are all over the shop, but B is more my thing.
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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby toomanyhatz » 09 Feb 2016, 21:39

An easy B despite the Dead Boys.

A was smart to ditch the theme, and I like the Belafonte, but one of the duller Buzzcocks songs and the 'real' Iron Maiden isn't enough to rescue it.
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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby Purgatory Brite » 09 Feb 2016, 21:50


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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby whodathunkit » 09 Feb 2016, 22:23

If you set up a theme, for me you have to have the balls to keep it going. B ain't much better but, on principle:-


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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby kath » 09 Feb 2016, 22:55

whodathunkit wrote:If you set up a theme, for me you have to have the balls to keep it going.

i do get that, although i think petula rounding out the list the first time may've been the tip-off that the list was gonna ditch the theme. you are kinda stuck either way as a listmaker, i guess. damned if you do, damned if you don't. *i* would've preferred to see the theme keep running, becuz i actually liked the music from the doppelgangers. however, in the first round i voted for both of these lists, and i do think the music is stronger on B. (cheers to A, though, for all the doppelgangery turn ons.)


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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby Super-Jank » 09 Feb 2016, 23:26

A is just stupid

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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby hippopotamus » 09 Feb 2016, 23:56

I have a lot of issues with A.
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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby Ranking Ted » 10 Feb 2016, 00:00

If I was a little offhand about B (while voting for it, I may add), I'll take it back. Its shaping up to be a terrific list. Corkers tonight!


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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby fange » 10 Feb 2016, 02:08

Didn't think you'd get this far, did you, A? :)

Well, both of these are the clichéd 'mixed bags' for me, but B clearly has more that I really like and a couple I love.
That Stovall Sisters is mighty fine, was considering it for a previous JB&S Cup if I remember right. Good work.

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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby T. Willy Rye » 10 Feb 2016, 03:38


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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby Loki » 10 Feb 2016, 07:44

Gonna go with Image this time.

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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby The Fish » 10 Feb 2016, 09:17

B with little enthusiasm

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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby Samoan » 10 Feb 2016, 11:36


I enjoyed the Felt and particularly The Stovall Sisters additions.
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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby Neige » 10 Feb 2016, 12:59

whodathunkit wrote:If you set up a theme, for me you have to have the balls to keep it going. B ain't much better but, on principle:-


Yep, right!

B too
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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby Darkness_Fish » 10 Feb 2016, 14:59

B. On the grounds that A was shit, can't stick to a theme, picked a cack Buzzcocks tune, and beat me in the first round. And B has Neu!
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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby Polishgirl » 10 Feb 2016, 15:09

A for me, despite the Genesis.
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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby martha » 10 Feb 2016, 15:44

Polishgirl wrote:A for me, despite the Genesis.

What she said.

A for me too.

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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby WG Kaspar » 10 Feb 2016, 15:53

A because who would have thought that someone would have the balls to pick 2 Iron Maiden songs.
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Re: Round 2 Match 7

Postby dgs » 10 Feb 2016, 17:13

B though neither list really enamoured me.

downtown is great though.
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