Round 1 Match 14 - Jeer-mo

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Re: Round 1 Match 14

Postby SWIMMING POOL HARRINGTON » 04 Feb 2016, 20:56

toomanyhatz wrote:
Jeemo wrote:
toomanyhatz wrote:The identity of both A and B seem pretty obvious to me, or else someone's doing an incredible imitation (which seems like a lot of trouble to go to :D )

I like both, but B sticks to the wheelhouse. The only 'discovery' there is Missy Elliot, which is nice. But any list with that Darry Weaver's going to get my vote, unless the rest of it is truly awful, which is definitely not the case here. In fact I even like the Fall and Suede cuts a lot! One of my favorite lists so far.

Were you correct about my identity? And what led to that conclusion?

I realize now I was actually speaking more of your opponent, though I did have a vague guess as to your identity (I was wrong).

It also seems quite possible that I was thinking of past cups, and that the people I was thinking were responsible for certain lists aren't actually entered this year. :oops:

Indeed! ;)
Darkness_Fish wrote:This is a big fucking mess of absolute shit from the off.

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Re: Round 1 Match 14 - Jeer-mo

Postby Jeemo » 04 Feb 2016, 22:40

Neige wrote:
Jeemo wrote:Time to come clean about my list. It was all songs that had been covered live by eels. It was a bit a retro but I was thinking that I would throw a few of the more odd choices into the later rounds to dilute the "classic" vibe that a few picked up on. I lost by more than one as some votes were over the time limit.

Good luck in the next round......twat

Hey, cool idea!

If you'd included Feeling Good and Girls From The North Country, I might even have sussed your plan! :P

Great list, anyway!

They were next up :-)
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