Round 1 Match 13 - Jugged Toby

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Round 1 Match 13 - Jugged Toby

Postby PENK » 01 Feb 2016, 20:47

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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby sloopjohnc » 01 Feb 2016, 21:13


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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby martha » 01 Feb 2016, 21:38

B for the Unguarded Moment.

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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby The Write Profile » 01 Feb 2016, 21:50

B is exceptionally groovy
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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby toomanyhatz » 01 Feb 2016, 22:05

A is the hugest helping yet of 'not my thing.'

Any one track on B would have been enough to decide it. Even yet more Kendrick Lamar.
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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby never/ever » 01 Feb 2016, 22:36

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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby mantochanga » 01 Feb 2016, 22:39


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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby Jeemo » 01 Feb 2016, 22:41

Image So Long Kid, Take A Bow.

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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby 'Face of Fruit Pastilles 1981' » 01 Feb 2016, 23:02

Who is responsible for A and what are they doing on BCB? :?

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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby Rayge » 01 Feb 2016, 23:30

SEX APE wrote:Who is responsible for A and what are they doing on BCB? :?

Dunno about your first quesion, but the answer to the second is currently, I feel, getting trounced.
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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby fange » 02 Feb 2016, 00:38

:lol: A classic Cup showdown; well done, gents/ladies.

While i could dance to A very happily if i was shit-faced and in a club, it's just too narrow a listening playlist. I like that Bilal though, cheers.

An easy win for B then, which has several i love, some i don't and that magnificently over-the-top Alcazar cut.

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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby Loki » 02 Feb 2016, 00:58

After skipping thru A, I don't even have to listen to B to know who I'm voting for. Sorry A.

I'm going to guess A was submitted by someone across the ocean from me.


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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby The Red Heifer » 02 Feb 2016, 05:53

Whilst I admire the brass cojones of A it has to be B
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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby Geezee » 02 Feb 2016, 08:29

This is where the tide turns - A.
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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby dgs » 02 Feb 2016, 10:20

Sorry B but that is a great list from A, again sticks very close to the line it sets out but very much plays to my sensibilities. B offers more choice and variety but my heart lies with A.

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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby Darkness_Fish » 02 Feb 2016, 12:12

List B might well be the worst thing I've heard all year. Alcazar? Jesus wept, and then vomited.

Anyway, list A is like a breath of slightly sweaty air, a lot of not my thing, but by God it makes a nice change.
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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby whodathunkit » 02 Feb 2016, 13:42


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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby Moleskin » 02 Feb 2016, 13:47

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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby T. Willy Rye » 02 Feb 2016, 13:58


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Re: Round 1 Match 13

Postby Count Machuki » 02 Feb 2016, 14:24

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