Round 1 Match 12 - Ray Stung

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Round 1 Match 12 - Ray Stung

Postby PENK » 31 Jan 2016, 18:26

List A

The Standells - Dirty Water
Sir Douglas Quintet - She's About A Mover
The Soft Boys - Kingdom of Love
Júníus Meyvant - Color Decay
The Aerovons - World of You
Slowdive - Blue Skied an' Clear
Nina Simone - Stars
Dusty Springfield - No Easy Way Down

List B

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet
Burial – Archangel
Clinic – Walking with Thee
Hege V – Burial Ground of the Broken Hearted
The Futureheads – Hounds of Love
Interpol – NYC
The Dream Syndicate – My Old Haunts
Blondie – Atomic
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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Georgios » 31 Jan 2016, 19:38

A: The veneration of 60's Garage and Psych Rock continues to mystify as neither genres contain much of any consequence. That aside the Júníus Meyvant was pleasant enough whilst the Dusty effort, although hardly A grade by her standard, was perfectly OK. The Nina Simone video is more noteworthy for the nature of the live performance than the song itself. The only offensively tedious pick here is the Slowdrive track.

B: Atomic is better than anything from list A and being 'played out' shouldn't be held against it but I'm struggling to think of anything positive to say about the rest of won't.

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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Earl E. Eel » 31 Jan 2016, 20:50

The charms of 'Dirty Water' have always eluded me. It stumbles where other Nuggets tracks strut. In fact, apart from 'Kingdom of Love', A's list doesn't appeal to me much at all.

B, despite that nightmarishly-bad Futureheads thing. What a bunch of fucking cockends they were!
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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Ranking Ted » 31 Jan 2016, 21:16

I love the Clinic track, a former Cup pick of mine, and have plenty of time for the Burial, Dream Syndicate and Interpol selections while always enjoying a prime slice of Blondie imperial phase pop. Agreed about the Futureheads, a potential future banana skin, but for now it's a convincing


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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Earl E. Eel » 31 Jan 2016, 21:19

I meant to single the Clinic track out too. It's a blast.
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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Polishgirl » 31 Jan 2016, 22:09

Well, I have a massive soft spot for the Junior Senior track, because my big niece was tiny at the time it came out, and went mental whenever she heard it...

And where have Clinic been all my life? That track is tremendous. Quite liking the Hege V, too.

A resounding B
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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby pcqgod » 31 Jan 2016, 23:34

The worst thing I can say about list B is that the tracks are mostly "not my thing," which is no condemnation.

So list A, even though I feel plays it a bit too safe, is my choice.

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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby sloopjohnc » 01 Feb 2016, 01:41

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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby The Write Profile » 01 Feb 2016, 04:01

Two fantastic lists, but I'm going for the more new-wavey feel of B
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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby T. Willy Rye » 01 Feb 2016, 04:07


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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby The Red Heifer » 01 Feb 2016, 05:04

We must have got a different version of The Futureheads' "Hounds Of Love" in Australia because the one I remember and listen to regularly is absolutely brilliant and would've won the list my vote on its own if the rest of B wasn't as sensational as it was.

Best list of the round so far.
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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby fange » 01 Feb 2016, 05:09

Two nicely matched lists here for me, with bits i like a lot on both.
Overall i think A has more i like.

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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Loki » 01 Feb 2016, 06:20


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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby toomanyhatz » 01 Feb 2016, 07:12

Interesting matchup. I thought A was playing it safe, but then they made some interesting turns, including the Meyvant and Slowdive (although there are other Aerovons tracks, people!). And of course there's no arguing with the greatness of "Kingdom of Love."

B is an odd mix of stuff I liked more than I thought I would (Clinic and Interpol) and the opposite (seriously, of all the Dream Syndicate tracks to pick!)
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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Geezee » 01 Feb 2016, 08:53

Not inspired by either but B just about takes the day for me.
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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Purgatory Brite » 01 Feb 2016, 12:09

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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Moleskin » 01 Feb 2016, 12:17

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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Samoan » 01 Feb 2016, 12:25

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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby echolalia » 01 Feb 2016, 13:14

That Júníus Meyvant track – I’m smitten with it, playing it over and over. Takk fyrir,


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Re: Round 1 Match 12

Postby Ray K. » 01 Feb 2016, 13:25

B - I remember that Hege V video from my last year or two of actually watching MTV. Haven't thought about it in 25 or so years.