Round 1 Match 11 - Mole in a hole

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Round 1 Match 11 - Mole in a hole

Postby PENK » 31 Jan 2016, 18:24

List A

1. Small Faces - I've Got Mine
2. Christine & the Queens - IT
3. The Rolling Stones - Citadel
4. Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators - No One's Gonna Love You
5. The Dentists - Strawberries Are Growing in My Garden
6. Sugar - Hoover Dam
7. Altered Images - Don't Talk to Me About Love
8. Galaxie 500 - Victory Garden

List B

Softly To Me - Love
Elevation - Television
Rock & Roll (Another View) - The Velvet Underground
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
Through The Flowers - The Primitives
Dirt - The Stooges
Up On The Sun - Meat Puppets
Strangers When We Meet - The Smithereens
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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Uncle Charles Routine » 31 Jan 2016, 20:45

Much better lists.

Great Small Faces clip, A! shame the song isn't up to much. Fabulous Stones and Altered Images choices, and that Dentists' number is about 100 times better than its title would suggest. But that Christine and the Queens thing makes absolutely no sense as a Cup inclusion.

B, again, gets my vote for a close-to-100% hit rate.
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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Ranking Ted » 31 Jan 2016, 21:18

Cracking lists. I think A has more breadth and sufficiency of winners to beat the excellent hit rate of B


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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Polishgirl » 31 Jan 2016, 21:56

I'm a bit less keen on these than the chaps are, but still some good individual tracks.

A has it.
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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby pcqgod » 31 Jan 2016, 23:46

I like these lists about the same, so my decision, regretfully, has to be made on the basis on me not liking the lead singer of galaxie 500. Sorry, A.

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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby sloopjohnc » 01 Feb 2016, 01:43

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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby fange » 01 Feb 2016, 02:22

Two interesting lists, personal with plenty of variety. Loving that run of the Stones/Nicole Willis/Dentists, A. Very nice feel, and the Small Faces clip is a riot even if it's not a personal fave of mine. I like B too - i mean, what's not to like about the Love, TV and the Stooges - but it doesn't seem as sparky to me somehow.

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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Loki » 01 Feb 2016, 03:00

SEX APE wrote:Great Small Faces clip, A! shame the song isn't up to much.

Are you kidding? I can't understand why it didn't top the charts.

Poor A, up against the powerhouse that is B.


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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby T. Willy Rye » 01 Feb 2016, 03:51

I think Coan is right here. That Christine and the Queens thing dooms A. Even with that misstep, the list would've sailed by most other lists so far, but B is a monster.

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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby The Write Profile » 01 Feb 2016, 04:05

Two cracking lists, but B (again) wins it on superior hit-rate. Every pick a winner.
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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Dennis Testicle » 01 Feb 2016, 04:58

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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby toomanyhatz » 01 Feb 2016, 05:25

Wow...really tough for me. A has some great moments - I even like the Sugar track a lot, and I'm not down for most of what Mould does - but it fizzles out a bit, and I absolutely agree that that Christine thing is a puzzling choice.

B, on the other hand, despite having a lot of stuff in my wheelhouse, seems a bit unadventurous - a 1985 NME playlist. And the only thing on it I haven't heard a gazillion times is the Primitives, and I wasn't terribly impressed by it.

I don't think either of these lists will get a vote from me again, but since I have to vote for one of them...A, I suppose.
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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Geezee » 01 Feb 2016, 08:51

B is pretty honest but very one-dimensional - A has it for me.
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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Purgatory Brite » 01 Feb 2016, 12:06

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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Samoan » 01 Feb 2016, 12:11

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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Moleskin » 01 Feb 2016, 12:16

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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Darkness_Fish » 01 Feb 2016, 12:19

I think these are two of the weakest lists so far, it all seems quite bland and conservative. But B has The Stooges, and I guess that Meat Puppets track and Love are ok too.
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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby echolalia » 01 Feb 2016, 13:13

Both good sets, but A is the more interesting, even if that squeaky hell-pixie Claire Grogan almost spoils it with her ghastly twirling and stuff.


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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby Ray K. » 01 Feb 2016, 13:23

B in this batch.

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Re: Round 1 Match 11

Postby The Fish » 01 Feb 2016, 14:29

I have to admit VU and Stooges on lists tend to wind me up as much as Bowie selections. Not that I have any axe to grind with any of these artists, they just exemplify a kind of pandering to the BCB cool consensus. I am at least open about my prejudices here and I'm not asking you to agree so let it go.

I actually like a lot of B , but it is horribly narrow (If it ain't Coan's list, it looks put together to guarantee his vote).

Getting past the Christine (Imagine if Celine Dion did stadium rock shudders the rest of A is pretty solid and ultimately gets the nod for a bit more variety and imagination.

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