Round 1 Match 6 - Snowed under

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Round 1 Match 6 - Snowed under

Postby PENK » 28 Jan 2016, 20:11

List A

The Chambers Brothers, I Can't Stand It
Kurt Vile, Pretty Pimpin'
Rod Stewart, (I Know) I'm Losing You
David Holmes, Rodney Yates
The La's, Feelin'
Lee Dorsey, Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further
Lush, De-Luxe
Reuben Wilson, Inner City Blues

List B

1. Broken Bells – After The Disco
2. Dalbello – Cardinal Sin
3. Bellowhead – Jordan
4. "Spider" John Korner & Willie Murphy – Old Brown Dog
5. Fairport Convention – Crazy Man Michael
6. Songdog – St.Lucy's Day
7. Split Enz – Haul Away
8. Allen Toussaint – Tipitina & Me
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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Moleskin » 28 Jan 2016, 21:36

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-the unforgettable waldo jeffers-

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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Uncle Charles Routine » 28 Jan 2016, 21:42

That Lee Dorsey song is fucking A! First happy discovery of the Cup!

Thank you


(B is really nothing special at all, sorry)
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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Copehead » 28 Jan 2016, 21:59

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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby never/ever » 28 Jan 2016, 22:38

There's a stately earnestness about list B that makes it cohesive, so kudos for that. I am more swayed by the loose-limbedness of its opponent though.

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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby The Modernist » 28 Jan 2016, 22:43


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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Ranking Ted » 28 Jan 2016, 23:05

Have a lot of time for


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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby toomanyhatz » 29 Jan 2016, 00:24

Now here's a first - two very good lists at the same time. Very, very close but I'm going to give the nod to B here 'cause I like that it's straying from BCB normalcy a bit. Though it would be an easier decision if they'd used a better Broken Bells track.
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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby fange » 29 Jan 2016, 01:18

I like B - nice Broken Bells, lovely Toussaint, something from my fave FC LP - but love A. It would win for Reuben Wilson's 'ICB' all by itself, but the rest is top-notch too. Great work.

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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Loki » 29 Jan 2016, 01:44

Easy. A is my favourite list so far. Love the La's cut in particular. Sorry, B.


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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Buddha B-Rex » 29 Jan 2016, 04:31

B goes for it, but A is a real contender, I suspect.
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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby T. Willy Rye » 29 Jan 2016, 04:58


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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby WG Kaspar » 29 Jan 2016, 12:06

A is fine and is certain to win here and would have gotten my vote if this was tight (which it might turn out be who knows)(not really) but I have to reward a list that picks Songdog even if I'm not that fussed about anything else.

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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Samoan » 29 Jan 2016, 12:07

A is the clear winner in this match for me.
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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Spec » 29 Jan 2016, 12:50


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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Darkness_Fish » 29 Jan 2016, 13:05

List A seems uniformly dull to me, it's like a Mojo editor's dream or something.

List B is pretty patchy, and I'm not sure anything's actually enjoyable beyond Fairport Convention, but at least there's a bit of life about it.

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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby whodathunkit » 29 Jan 2016, 14:33

A is one of the best lists yet. Particularly liked the slice of David Holmes. Outside of the rather obvious Fairport pick B has little to offer, Bellowhead are a band I always struggle with - such a great sound and such boring music. And that Songdog track is stinking the match up.


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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby martha » 29 Jan 2016, 15:04


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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Ray K. » 29 Jan 2016, 15:58

A - though I'm going to check out more Bellowhead.

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Re: Round 1 Match 6

Postby Count Machuki » 29 Jan 2016, 16:12

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