The Rules of the Game

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The Rules of the Game

Postby PENK » 27 Jan 2016, 21:26

1. Each tie will feature two lists of songs drawn anonymously against one another. Posters will vote on their favourite list by commenting on the thread with a clear 'A' or 'B'. Anyone may vote on their favourite list, whether or not they themselves are competing. Feel free, indeed encouraged, to comment along with your vote. The winning list is the one with the most votes after 48 hours.

2. The lists will be eight songs in the first round, with three added for the next round by winning lists. The identities of the posters submitting the lists will be revealed only upon their elimination, although guesswork is common. You are perfectly welcome to vote for your own list, but try not to give the game away.

3. Comments on the match threads and any other threads are something of a free-for-all so please remember to enter with a thick skin. Your list is out there to be praised and savaged alike. Please don't get personal, though: just because someone has shite taste, it doesn't make them a bad person.

4. Matches will be posted at my discretion. Friday and Saturday evenings are usually free of new ties.

5. Any controversies or contentious issues, such as suspected aliases voting, will be referred to me and my decision will be final.

6. Vote for me.
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Re: The Rules of the Game

Postby fange » 27 Jan 2016, 23:51

And we're off!

PENK wrote:6. Vote for me.

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Re: The Rules of the Game

Postby Count Machuki » 28 Jan 2016, 18:23

copying the list of competitors here, because I keep losing track of it in YY

1. runner up Jeemo
2. pcqgod
3. whodathunkit
4. Ted "Round of 16" Maul
5. Slaphead K (the hound)
6. Loki
7. fange
8. Penk
9. Darkness_Fish
12. tmm
14. Samoan
15. The Revenge of Count Machuki
16. The Fish
17. Sloopjohnc
18. Spec
19. Geezee
20. Moleskin
21. Ray K. (back for this)
22. n/e
23. martha
24. Buddha B-Rex
25. dgs
26. Griff, the once and future king
27. Toby
28. Hippopotamus
29. toomanyhatz
30. The Fonz
31. Neige
32. WG Kaspar

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