Rank these tossers in order

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Rank these tossers in order

Postby Limpin' Jez McKenzie » 31 Oct 2023, 22:02

Though one would be hard pressed to come up with a bigger tosser than Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings runs him very close.
So please rank these tossers in your order.

Here's mine.

1 Dom
2 Johnson.
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Re: Rank these tossers in order

Postby ChrisB » 01 Nov 2023, 18:08

As the COVID enquiry gathers pace, I think we need to restrict the number of tossers. Shall we say max 10? So far I've got Boris, Dominic, the entire cabinet, most of the senior civil servants .......

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Re: Rank these tossers in order

Postby C » 01 Nov 2023, 19:52

I felt somewhat uncomfortable watching Helen MacNamara giving evidence today

In my view, she gave the impression that she was completely an innocent party and that she was squeaky clean

I thought the KC asking the questions came across as quite sycophantic at times

The Sue Gray report provides evidence to the 'errors of judgement' that she personally made.

DC is obviously an odious piece of work, and his "violent and misogynistic language" is appalling, but he can't take all the blame

Roll on December to hear Sunak and Johnson's accounts

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Re: Rank these tossers in order

Postby Samoan » 02 Nov 2023, 19:21

I nominate Hancock as number 1.
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