Happy Birthday Kath

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Re: Happy Birthday Kath

Postby kath » 17 Oct 2020, 13:58

ohhhh (she says. lying flat on a couch, one leg off to the side with anchor foot on the floor)... where's the rate yer hangover thread? where is it??

at one point last night, my sister had goggles on. she doesn't even drink. she just wanted to mess *me* up.

... cinnamon roll!

thank you, everyone. i appreciate it. sweet, sweet.

snee and nick d... damn has it been some years, mwhaha.

i am 57. i don't look a day over 60. it's good bdays only happen once a year. ooof.

charlie... you called me by my name! no one online ever calls me by my name. mind ya, i've never told anyone online to call me by my name. but in the real world? everyone calls me kathleen. in fact, one friend from college on facebook shortened it the other way and just calls me LEEEEEEEEN.

trivia: yeah, when i first came online, i made a very deliberate decision to write the way i fucquin talk. the main reason? i was tired of that corset and spendin however many years teaching corset rules. it was time to go au naturel and be me.

but there was another reason: right before i came online, i had an accident. crushed my left wrist and broke the arm above it in several places. (i call it my pirate hook hand.) when i came online, i still had a massive cast on the left, so i was typin with two fingers on my right. i gave up on the cap key, i shortened every word i could, well, becuz. ergo, kathleen became kath. the hand ended up healing the best it could, but i had already decided i was comfy in my stylistic skin. mwhaha.

thanks again, people. i might need to mainline coffee.

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Re: Happy Birthday Kath

Postby Hugh » 17 Oct 2020, 21:24

Belated birthday greetings, kath. x

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Re: Happy Birthday Kath

Postby Dr. Baron » 17 Oct 2020, 21:33

Happy Birthday weekend kath!
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Re: Happy Birthday Kath

Postby kath » 17 Oct 2020, 23:49

Dr. Baron wrote:Happy Birthday weekend kath!

this is precisely how it's goin down. mwhaha. gonna be a weekend. i'm kinda relieved the saints have a bye week. freaky folk in this house bein a badddd influence. they're all arguing about what we're ordering for dinner. i get my alone moments.

i'm not actually worried about my liver at this point. no. it's my, i dunno, blood sugar level.

if i eat one more bite of a sugary baked foodstuff, i'm gonna explode into a million smithereens, and someone's gonna hafta clean it up. yep. NO MORE.

(she eyes her chantilly lace birthday cake with the lil strawberries and blueberries on top.)

(starts singin, chantilly lace and a pretty face and a ponytail hangin downnnn)

p.s. thanks y'all. hugh, i got my vibraslap at the ready. not kiddin. mwhahaha. i know you'll appreciate that. *sniff*

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Re: Happy Birthday Kath

Postby Charlie O. » 18 Oct 2020, 00:17

kath wrote:(starts singin, chantilly lace ...

... had a birthday cake...

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Re: Happy Birthday Kath

Postby Minnie the Minx » 20 Oct 2020, 01:08

Happy belated birthday, dearest kath!

You come at the Queen, you best not miss.

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