Today is my birthday!

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Today is my birthday!

Postby Jimbo » 14 Sep 2020, 16:21

69 Oh yeah. Sixty-nine is mighty fine. Yum yum yummy.

Was 69 ever a thing for you? Yes, the doing it, perhaps but I was in "the class of 69" and we all wore the sweatshirts with a little more swagger than the 68s or the 70s.

The wife is making lambchops for dinner.
kath wrote: *which is the real reason he can fucque off and rot for the rest of time.

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Re: Today is my birthday!

Postby Flower » 14 Sep 2020, 16:46

Happy Birthday!

I wasn't in the "Class of 69" ... So I never got the wear the t-shirt. My high school didn't have school t-shirts at the time that I attended or they hid the fact from me if they did have t-shirts.

Beware! Your wife and son might be conspiring to give you a surprise party. Just a theory. :D

*Will post link later.
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