Kindergarten/first grade memories

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Kindergarten/first grade memories

Postby Jimbo » 14 Sep 2020, 16:13

From kindergarten I remember the wooden blocks and how there weren't enough of them to actually make anything so stacking them up and watching them fall was it for me I guess. And I was never a good napper.

First grade we made dancing Santas from red and white construction paper with these brass cotter pins set in Santa's shoulders and hips. We then tacked them onto the bulletin board. I noticed, however, that some color was missing from my Santa so while it was tacked onto the bulletin board, with a crayon I filled in the missing space. But then my crayon slipped and a I made a mark on the bulletin board and Mrs. Dickman yelled at me. Must have been something because I have never forgotten that. :oops:
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Re: Kindergarten/first grade memories

Postby Flower » 14 Sep 2020, 17:00

My kindergarten teachers names were Mrs. Price and Mrs. Platt. There were two large kindergarten classes that were separated by a set of bathrooms with child size toilet seats and sinks. There was also a small playground outside with swings and monkey bars as well as a couple of seesaws.

It was an half day session but we had a snack of a small container of milk and a graham cracker served on half a napkin every morning. I was the only kid in my class NOT to eat the napkin.

My first grade teacher's name was Mr. Lipton. She always wore bright red lipstick and wasn't as nice as Mrs. Price & Mrs. Platt. While the kindergarten classroom was light and bright, the first grade classroom was fairly dark.

A girl named Linda Drelly was in both my classes but none of the kids on my block were in my class.
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