Bedding - What do you sleep on?

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Bedding - What do you sleep on?

Postby Jimbo » 14 Sep 2020, 15:44

After my bicycle accident last year the insurance provided me with an up-down-both hospital-style bed with crib bars but they took it away. Bedless we went and bought a bed for me, a Sealy single on a box spring. It is surprisingly light for a large, marshmalloy mattress, and chintzy, lightweight innards may explain why it was pretty inexpensive, especially for a Sealy - and that it had been a floor model. It is pretty soft I guess and my wife bought some new-type sheets that are supposed to be "cool" in the summer. The a/c helps more I think. I miss playing with the hospital bed. :(
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Re: Bedding - What do you sleep on?

Postby C » 14 Sep 2020, 15:46

An Emma mattress - a good piece of kit

A decent discount at the moment for key workers [like Mrs C]

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