Terence Conran RIP

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Terence Conran RIP

Postby Positive Passion » 12 Sep 2020, 15:42

Transformed British interior decor with his Habitat stores, and transformed the London high end restaurant scene with a series of restaurants whose names have become embedded in British culture.

Over the years I have owned a fair bit of stuff from Habitat, and in my nest-building days loved to visit the store - Tottenham Court Road generally, but for a while there was one in Regent Street converted from an old cinema which was an amazing place to visit.

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Re: Terence Conran RIP

Postby Samoan » 12 Sep 2020, 15:56

My cousin Anna, who's about 12 years older than me, had her wedding list there at the King's Road branch.

I have this memory of terracotta chicken cooking bricks...
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Re: Terence Conran RIP

Postby Copehead » 13 Sep 2020, 11:22

He basically defined the lifestyle and decor of the liberal, British middle classes for much of the second half of the 20th Century.

Then he bought BHS

I've always wanted to go to Bibbendum, but it is a bit pricey
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Re: Terence Conran RIP

Postby Diamond Dog » 13 Sep 2020, 13:53

The Habitat Warehouse and a showroom in the 70s and 80s is literally 100 yards from where I live. It's now houses and called "Habitat Way".
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