Happy Birthday Hightea!

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Happy Birthday Hightea!

Postby Flower » 19 Dec 2019, 15:30

Happy Birthday Hightea!

I hope that it's a great one.
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Minnie the Minx
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Re: Happy Birthday Hightea!

Postby Minnie the Minx » 19 Dec 2019, 15:58

Happy Birthday! :)
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Matt Wilson
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Re: Happy Birthday Hightea!

Postby Matt Wilson » 19 Dec 2019, 16:50

Happy birthday, Steven.

Six String
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Re: Happy Birthday Hightea!

Postby Six String » 19 Dec 2019, 17:06

Happy birthday young man!

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The Fish
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Re: Happy Birthday Hightea!

Postby The Fish » 19 Dec 2019, 19:38

Happy Birthday Steve. Here's to the next drinking session.
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Still Baron
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Re: Happy Birthday Hightea!

Postby Still Baron » 19 Dec 2019, 21:18

Sail on, Hightea!
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Re: Happy Birthday Hightea!

Postby soundchaser » 20 Dec 2019, 08:57

Happy Birthday for yesterday. Hope your hangover’s not too bad?

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Re: Happy Birthday Hightea!

Postby Sneelock » 20 Dec 2019, 17:41

well, I for one hope you are good & hungover.
feel the burn. Happy Birthday!
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Re: Happy Birthday Hightea!

Postby Hightea » 23 Dec 2019, 03:15

Thanks three days of fun ending it at Lo Ya Tengo day 1 Hanukkah show .
Happy holiday season to all!