Detective this and that

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Re: Detective this and that

Postby Sam Stone » 14 Jun 2020, 15:59

Lord Rother wrote:

Ok then, I have 10 books waiting but I like a recommendation so have just kindled Bloody January and it’s jumped the queue.

It's excellent. As soon as I read it, I read the other two books in the series (thus far) immediately after it.

Malcolm McKay, Liam McIlvaney are other good tartan noir authors you might like.

Aidan McKinty who wrote the Sean Duffy series is about a Catholic cop in the RUC during the troubles is another excellent writer.

Do you like Aussie crime fiction, R? There are a couple of terrific reads out there at the mo - Jane Harper being one.

Mentioned it here before but Stav Shevez' The Intrusions is also excellent

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Re: Detective this and that

Postby Lord Rother » 14 Jun 2020, 16:57

I’ll read any crime fiction tbh, but haven’t done Australian.

Will Mark Jane Harper up for attention.

(I’m already into the Harry McCoy one... gritty!)