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Sell me your iPod

Posted: 02 Aug 2019, 07:23
by Jimbo
Help. I lost my Nano and if you have a working one that you don't use please make me an offer. You need to clear it on your iTunes first - reset. Thanks in advance.

Re: Sell me your iPod

Posted: 08 Aug 2019, 10:33
by Jimbo
I lucked out and found this old Nano at the used computer shop for about $50 US. It seems to work well. Gotta love the size, like a square inch. The batt still chargable. I had one of these some years back and lost it swimming in a lake - it being in my pocket. But now another. Add up all the 8 tracks, cassettes, CDs, MDs and records - hell, how many devices have I alone had?