in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Re: reap

Postby Lord Rother » 16 May 2019, 06:54

Jeez. So very sorry for your (and the world’s) loss. :cry:

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Re: reap

Postby robertff » 16 May 2019, 07:12

Terrible for you. Condolences, from one music lover to another.


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The Dríver
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Re: reap

Postby The Dríver » 16 May 2019, 10:55

Oh Lord, no. I'm so sorry. Love and condolences to you
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Re: reap

Postby Nuts » 16 May 2019, 11:09

That's awful, no age at all - keep strong and my condolences
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Re: reap

Postby Fireplug » 16 May 2019, 11:27

I'm so sorry to hear this, Kath. Your love for him has always been radiantly evident. My deepest condolences.

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Re: reap

Postby The Fish » 16 May 2019, 19:17

Jeez. Shocked to read this. I know you had found your soulmate and can only imagine the hole in your life. But you know you are among friends here and we're here for you always. Sending love your way.
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Re: reap

Postby trans-chigley express » 17 May 2019, 17:32

I’m stunned, This is awful news. You guys were perfect for each other and your love for each other was obvious just from your posts. I hope you can stay strong, Kath.


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Re: reap

Postby pcqgod » 18 May 2019, 14:20

Wow, that's awful. I don't make an effort to make friends on internet boards anymore, but I enjoyed interacting with him. Always a pleasure talking to someone who knows his music and is a nice person who immediately makes you feel comfortable. So sorry for your loss, Kath.
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Re: reap

Postby echolalia » 20 May 2019, 22:08


I’m really sorry to hear this. It’s terrible news and I can’t think what to say. Reap was a really cool guy.

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Re: reap

Postby Butch Manly » 22 May 2019, 10:38

Dearest Kath

I've know about this awful news for several days and have taken my time, trying to find the right words to say, but I simply can't. I will simply say Reap seemed like such a good guy and so right for you. I'm so, so sorry. Take care of yourself. x
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Re: reap

Postby Minnie the Minx » 23 May 2019, 17:02

Kath, we love you and we’re all here just hanging out waiting for you whenever you’re ready.
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Re: reap

Postby algroth » 23 May 2019, 22:50

I'm sorry to hear this. I hope you're doing well, Kath. Rest in peace, Reap.

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Re: reap

Postby billy » 24 May 2019, 20:34

I am so sorry to read this, Kath. I am wishing you all the comfort possible. Always cherish the memories x

RIP, Reap
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Re: reap

Postby Jimbo » 27 May 2019, 06:23

Reap this. Reap that. Jesus, Kath, it seemed like sometimes all I heard from you was about Reap. And now he's gone, really gone, I'm so sorry for you. We're here for you, babe.
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Re: reap

Postby Hepcat » 02 Jun 2019, 05:40

Way too young, way too soon. It's just so sad, I don't know what more to say. Other than that I know you've already had more burdens in life than seems right.

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Re: reap

Postby Moleskin » 03 Jun 2019, 21:20

So sorry to hear this kath.

RIp Reap.
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