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Re: reap

Postby Pigpen » 15 May 2019, 13:02

So sorry to hear this Kath, xxxx
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Re: reap

Postby Dr. Baron » 15 May 2019, 13:18

What dreadful news. Love from way out west to you and to reap’s people.

We’re a little out of the way but If we can be of service in any way whatsoever, please holler up.
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Re: reap

Postby Rorschach » 15 May 2019, 13:21

Oh Kath, you poor thing. That must have been awful. I'm so sorry.

Sending all my love.

Take care.
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Re: reap

Postby Flower » 15 May 2019, 13:24

Kath ... I saw the title of this thread and felt a chill .. I read your post and wanted to SCREAM at the unfairness of it all. I am so sorry for your loss and wish to express sincere condolences. I know that Reap lives on in your heart and for all who knew and loved him as well as the lives that he's saved with his untimely death ... can't say any more than to send love and hugs. I'll light a candle for him as soon as I finish this post.

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Re: reap

Postby TG » 15 May 2019, 14:17

I am so sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourself.
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Re: reap

Postby Count Machuki » 15 May 2019, 14:25

Jesus God, kath...I'm so sorry. Dammit, that's just not fair. You guys were lucky to have each other.

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Re: reap

Postby GoogaMooga » 15 May 2019, 14:26

To have a life cut short like that, deeply tragic. My heartfelt condolences, Kath, I know that Reap will live on in you and everyone else touched by his kindness.
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Re: reap

Postby Deebank » 15 May 2019, 14:37

So sad to hear this Kath

All our times must come...

Rock on dude.
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Re: reap

Postby Hightea » 15 May 2019, 14:46

:( 49 far too young. So sorry for your loss Kath - deepest condolences to you and your family and friends.
Reap will live in your heart forever

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Re: reap

Postby Livet » 15 May 2019, 14:57

Kath, I'm so sorry to hear this heartbreaking news. Love to you and your family.

A big Zepfest on the way.
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Mike Boom
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Re: reap

Postby Mike Boom » 15 May 2019, 15:35

Kath, so so sorry to hear this horrible news,heartbreaking.

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Re: reap

Postby Nick Danger » 15 May 2019, 16:09

I'm so so sorry to hear this Kath. My sincere condolences. Be strong.


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Re: reap

Postby Charlie O. » 15 May 2019, 16:16

We do love you, kath, and reap, too. xoxoxo

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Re: reap

Postby Davey the Fat Boy » 15 May 2019, 16:40

Oh no, kath.

You know - there’s been a little corner of my heart that’s been with you every day since Erin, the Beezle passed. I think that’s true of everyone here. Watching someone (even someone you know only from these electronic environs) go through a grief unimaginable to most, has a way of placing that person deep in your heart and your concern.

So my first thoughts are - ‘this just isn’t fair’ and ‘pick on literally ANYONE else.’ As if I had any say or any sway. So all I’m left with is to tell you that this human being 2000 miles away from you is sending out his love - as is everyone here. We’re here, and we’re willing to listen and walk with you through this in whatever way this strange online paradigm allows.

As I think you know, I started working in hospice about eight years ago. You may not have known it, but you were one of my teachers as I was getting a footing in my new work. It seems unfair that you should have to teach any of us again. But I guess that’s not ours to decide.

Much love to you, and to the memory of reap. Based on what I knew of him here, he struck me as a lovely guy. You were lucky to have had him, and I know he was lucky to have had you. Now you’ll carry him with you. When you’re ready, tell us stories and we’ll carry him too.
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Six String
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Re: reap

Postby Six String » 15 May 2019, 17:05

Oh dear, I'm in total shock here. It was only a few weeks ago that I read Reap's posts during a sync listen. He seemed a perfect partner for you and your post confirms it. I am so sorry for your tragic and unexpected loss. Stay strong or whatever you need to do to get through the coming days. XOXO

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Re: reap

Postby Neige » 15 May 2019, 17:37

I'm in shock, kath, really, words fail me.

So sorry to hear this, all I can do is send out all my love to you.

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Re: reap

Postby Matt Wilson » 15 May 2019, 18:10

Very sorry to hear that, kath.

RIP reap.

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Re: reap

Postby Sneelock » 15 May 2019, 18:30

wow. there are no words. other people seem to find them. I wish I could. take care, nice lady.
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Bent Fabric
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Re: reap

Postby Bent Fabric » 15 May 2019, 19:10

I'm heartbroken to learn this, kath.

You won't be surprised to hear it, but - even from afar - what I saw of your relationship online filled me with the very best type of envy, and I suspect I'm not the only person who has that feeling.

All of my love and support,

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Re: reap

Postby Neil Jung » 15 May 2019, 19:14

Dear Kath,

I’m shocked and saddened at this terrible news. I remember reading how you got together and saw on the sync listens how in tune and happy you were together. That he has been taken from you at such a young age is heartbreaking.

RIP Reap.
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