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Jimbo .. A mitzvah or sorts

Posted: 05 Mar 2019, 16:54
by Flower
Hi Jimbo:

We have friends who are going to visit Japan in April. They are a middle aged couple of Chinese descent who will be visiting the areas around Tokyo and Osaka/Kyoto. I was wondering if you can recommend some interesting and/or off beat restaurants and/or attractions where tourists don't usually frequent.

They don't know that I am asking this but I thought that it would be nice to be able to recommend some places that they might not think about visiting. Money won't be an issue if the place was fun or interesting. They would also be interested in local dives as long as they knew that it was a dive in advance.

Thanks you,


Re: Jimbo .. A mitzvah or sorts

Posted: 05 Mar 2019, 17:55
by Jimbo
Your friends may have money and because of that I think they will miss out on the fun here because the best stuff in Japan is the cheap stuff like train station soba stands, vending machine canned coffee or corn soup, tuna-mayo sushi, Mos Burger french fries, 100 yen shops, huge Don Quixote stores which sell everything, riding on the local trains and buses, hiking, bakery coffee shops, appreciating the cleanest and most convenient public toilets in the world, seeing Fuji from a free top floor of an office building rather than Tokyo Tower or Sky Tree, TV commercials, pachinko, game centers, city parks, convenience store foods, supermarkets near closing mark-downs, department store basement food sections are amazing, Disc Union chain of used CDs and records, ramen, okonomiyaki, yakitori, 1000s of tiny side street shit holes with the best food, drink and service anywhere, and NO TIPPING. And it is 100% safe. Never a feeling of dread of being ripped off or mugged. The beer is delicious.

But, I'm guessing your friends will stay in nice hotels, take a tour, see the sights, maybe with a guide and they will have an interesting experience seeing the "culture" like participating in a tea ceremony (yawn) and that's fine but experiencing Japan on the cheap will be a lot more fun. There are shrines, miniature Kyotos, everywhere. Avoid museums, They simply suck. Oh, for a good cheap cultural experience, every department store has a floor of amazing traditional hand made goods, kimono, lacquered wooden trays, knives, chopsticks, dishes. They can browse and maybe leave with a set of wooden miso soup bowls or not. There is like no sales pressure here.

And ask them to dress conservatively. American tourists I see these days look like shit compared to the Japanese, what with their tattoos, beards, yoga pants, sweat pants and beat up sneakers. At home fine. In Tokyo you look like morons. You ain't hippies in Katmandu.

That's my two cents.

Re: Jimbo .. A mitzvah or sorts

Posted: 06 Mar 2019, 21:36
by Flower
Thanks .. I'll forward the information. They are down to earth people who will enjoy a mix of the cheap train stations, street food and nice tourist restaurants.