RIP Prez

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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harvey k-tel
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RIP Prez

Postby harvey k-tel » 30 Jan 2019, 21:53

Just found out that erstwhile BCB'er Matthew 'Prez' Doherty has passed away after succumbing to a case of pneumonia, the poor fucker. He hadn't posted here in a long time, but in case you haven't heard through other channels, I'm passing the news on.

RIP Matt.
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The Prof
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby The Prof » 30 Jan 2019, 22:22

I don't know what to say. I knew he was ill. Has this just happened today?

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mentalist (slight return)
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby mentalist (slight return) » 30 Jan 2019, 22:25

RIP :(
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The Modernist
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby The Modernist » 30 Jan 2019, 22:27

That's a complete shock. I had no idea.
Terrible news. RIP Matt.
I feel I should say something more..and will when I get over the initial shock.

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Diamond Dog
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby Diamond Dog » 30 Jan 2019, 22:31

Yes it was the early hours of today.

And his family have asked specifically that it not get posted on social media until they have informed all those that need to know first.
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby Sambient » 30 Jan 2019, 23:22

Really sorry to learn this.
Rest easy good man.

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trans-chigley express
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby trans-chigley express » 30 Jan 2019, 23:32

This is a shock. I’d heard he was suffering with pneumonia but had no idea it was so serious.

I only met him the once, over 10 years ago in London and he was a lovely guy that seemed so excited to find a place on the internet with other like-minded music obsessed people and even more excited to get to meet them in person.

RIP Matthew

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Re: RIP Prez

Postby algroth » 30 Jan 2019, 23:35

Sad news. RIP

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Re: RIP Prez

Postby Jimbo » 30 Jan 2019, 23:46

RIP Prez.
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rambling rose
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby martha » 31 Jan 2019, 00:09

He will be sorely missed. I've been weeping all day, so I'm drained now, but yeah, it's horrible and sad.

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Re: RIP Prez

Postby Nolamike » 31 Jan 2019, 02:00

Awful, awful news. I only knew him through here and Facebook, but he was a wonderful human being.
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby Loki » 31 Jan 2019, 03:00


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Belle Lettre
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby Belle Lettre » 31 Jan 2019, 06:09

Too dreadful, and he'd been so happy and busy. Bless you, prez.
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby fange » 31 Jan 2019, 07:06

RIP Prez. :(
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby Neige » 31 Jan 2019, 07:59

Fuck, that's a shock and all too sudden.

Matt's exuberance, his passion and his enthusiasm always touched me over the years

I deeply regret never having met him in person.

RIP, Mr Rainbow! :cry:
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby C » 31 Jan 2019, 09:10

Ottway and Barrett have lost their greatest fan.

Prez, a really kind, gentle, cheerful lovely man - very sad news.

RIP my friend

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Tom Waits For No One
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby Tom Waits For No One » 31 Jan 2019, 09:19

Rest easy Prez.
Condolences to family and friends.
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The Dríver
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby The Dríver » 31 Jan 2019, 09:29

Really very sad. Lovely, lovely bloke. His enthusiasm for and love of music were infectious.
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby never/ever » 31 Jan 2019, 09:31

That is very sad news.
Rest easy big man.
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Diamond Dog
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Re: RIP Prez

Postby Diamond Dog » 31 Jan 2019, 09:42

Obviously, like everyone, I'm still coming to terms with this.

I had a different relationship with Matt than others in many ways, because he worked for Royal Mail for 25+ years, just down the road from me in Aylesbury. When he took his first tentative (and ultimately aborted) steps into management, I coached him through the selection/interview process and gave him advice throughout his time with the company. Indeed, our last chat with just us two together was at a JU a couple of years back, where we spent the first thirty minutes discussing Royal Mail (which he had by then left) and how 'envious' he was that I was coming up to my 30 years service...he was still essentially a Royal Mail employee at heart. He also during that time discussed his recent 'coming out'.... he was absolutely petrified of how I, and others, would react to that. I just said that it mattered not a single jot to me and that I was just glad he'd had the courage to live his life as he wanted to, and I was absolutely certain everyone on BCB (at least) felt exactly the same way. I think he took great heart in that - so when people say "It's not real" etc I beg to differ ; I think we did have a big influence on him at that time. I also remember how terribly pained he was by the breakdown in his relationship with his kids at that time - the poor guy was in absolute turmoil. I'm glad it seems that that was resolved before his passing.

As a person I'll always remember Matt as a really happy guy, who enjoyed the laughing and joking (and piss taking) of BCB as much as anyone. I know he was the same outside of that circle via his Royal Mail connections. A funny guy, who loved his football (Chelsea, sadly) and music (The Searchers, even more sadly).... he joined in fully with the BCB halcyon days and loved that sense of community.

It's such a shock - I really can't believe the little guy has gone. As a testament to him, I'd just like to say he lightened the life of everyone who knew him and provided much needed love and care to all. I'll miss you Matt - RIP mate.
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To sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there's the rub
I don't like that man. I must get to know him better.
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