My kind of bear

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My kind of bear

Postby sloopjohnc » 26 Nov 2018, 16:27

The San Francisco Chronicle's Outdoors writer wrote about a recent encounter his son had with a bear raiding his freezer.

I don't know if anyone else has camped or lived in bear country, but if you're camping or backpacking, campgrounds will have bear lockers where you can store your food or you have to store them up high in bags to keep them out of reach of bears. Here's the story:

Not everybody had turkey, prime rib or another holiday specialty for Thanksgiving.

In the far reaches of Northern California, a large black bear, stuffing calories on the eve of hibernation, found its own feast.

My son Kris, who lives in remote Trinity County, uses an outside storage freezer to make up for the tiny freezer in his refrigerator. “The bear got into my storage freezer,” Kris said. “There was a big pork loin, venison and all kinds of stuff. I figured he wiped me out.”

Instead, close inspection revealed a surprise.

“On the ground next to the storage freezer was this perfectly stacked pile of little sticks,” Kris said. He looked closer and couldn’t believe what he found.

The bear had grabbed a box of 20 frozen corn dogs, Kris said. The bear then apparently took a seat alongside, and then, with the delicate skill of a surgeon, extracted each corn dog from its wrapper, placed it between his paws, and slurped the things right off the sticks, over and over.

“The bear went through all of the corn dogs,” Kris said. “He completely ignored the giant pork loin right next to it. Then he stacked the sticks in a perfect little pile.”
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