59 quid

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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59 quid

Postby CLOWN » 17 Oct 2018, 11:45

Spend it on yourself before sunset.

What do you get?
GoogaMooga wrote:
Walk In My Shadow wrote:How's old Zilth, by the way?

He's alright, but not collecting as feverishly as I.

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Re: 59 quid

Postby Toby » 17 Oct 2018, 12:59

A pair of Superga trainers. I can never have enough.

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WG Kaspar
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Re: 59 quid

Postby WG Kaspar » 17 Oct 2018, 13:04

A bottle of Lagavulin and a packet of fags
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Re: 59 quid

Postby Goat Boy » 17 Oct 2018, 13:05

Amazon wish list
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Re: 59 quid

Postby GoogaMooga » 17 Oct 2018, 14:52

118 CDs from the thrift shop? Nah... just enough for one OOP volume of Marvel Masterworks
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Re: 59 quid

Postby harvey k-tel » 17 Oct 2018, 15:09

One of these to stash away for a while:

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