Your Tombstone Inscription

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Re: Your Tombstone Inscription

Postby Butch Manly » 06 Oct 2018, 20:30

Pansy Puff wrote:"Ask Clive how I died"

Goatboy to Belle:

"I suggest you retreat to the safety of your Facebook bubble. Griff has a post he needs you to like."

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harvey k-tel
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Re: Your Tombstone Inscription

Postby harvey k-tel » 06 Oct 2018, 20:33

"Who farted?"
If you've got nothing to do, don't do it here.

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Re: Your Tombstone Inscription

Postby zoomboogity » 06 Oct 2018, 21:56

Sneelock wrote:“I’d rather be cremated”

Nothing to do, nowhere to go...


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Re: Your Tombstone Inscription

Postby Diamond Dog » 07 Oct 2018, 11:12

It's very dark in here.....
"Excuse my dust."
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